Gay lawyer Lizwe Jamela representing MDC MP who deliberately infected journalist with HIV

Lizwe Jamela, the new lawyer representing Insiza South legislator, Siyabonga Malandu Ncube is not straight, we exclusively reveal today. Jamela who works for the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZHLR) assumed urgency in the controversial matter between the MDC law maker and a Bulawayo based scribe after it immerged that Mlweliwe Nkululeko Ncube, the MP’s former attorney was operating without...

Mugabe converts Harare into military base

Robert has converted the whole of Harare into a military base. Fully armed military personnel and "riot" police are just about everywhere.

Formation of revolutionary command council- Zimbabwe Million Citizen March

The Zimbabwe Million Citizen March concept was created and brought into life by a group of concerned Zimbabwean citizens who, having seen THE PEOPLE taking their own destiny into their hands and triumph in Egypt and Tunisia, realised that Zimbabwe was not different, and the time had come for THE PEOPLE to reclaim their destiny.

Protest picket for Zimbabwean Human Rights

Last week 45 people were arrested in Harare for watching a video on the uprising in Egypt. They were charged with treason and were tortured by government personnel.