Zimbabweans Protest to Demand The End of The 31-year Rule By the Iron-Fisted and Corrupt Dictator Robert Mugabe

On 1 March, 2011, Zimbabweans will hold mass protests in Harare to demand the end of the 31-year rule of the iron-fisted and corrupt dictator Robert Mugabe.

National NGO Expo: At the crossroads – civil society

From 18-21 August 2010, the National Association of NGOs (NANGO) hosts the annual National NGO Expo with the theme, At the Crossroads - Civil Society after 30 years in Zimbabwe.

Matebeleland.com to launch Matabeleland Day 29 May

On the 29th of May, Matebeleland.com is launching Matabeleland Day at the Durning Hall Community Centre in Forest Gate, London. This will see Zimbabweans based in the United Kingdom coming together for this inaugural event. The day will be divided into 2 sessions.

Zimbabwean celebration,resource and skills sharing gathering

I am writing to ask for your support for the event with the details below. I know some of you are not physically in Toronto but if you happen to know anyone in the city pass along the message. We hope that this event is a forum to build on collaborations between Zim and Canada