Dino to record music album in Botswana


The album comes on the heels of his eighth one Estol Esperando that he released last year, spiced with some Spanish lyrics..

Although the Jatropha hit-maker could not divulge the name of the studio that he would be taking his album to, preliminary indications are suggesting that he might be joining the bandwagon of other Zimbabwean artistes who have joined recently established Diamond Studios, whose main recording studio was based in Botswana.

The dread-locked musician revealed the development on the sidelines of a music concert held in the capital at the weekend.

"I’ve signed a deal to record in Botswana. I will be leaving in August to record the 10-track album whose title I am not yet sure whether I should call it High Rate or Mhemberero," he said.

He said the decision to record in Botswana was reached after some authorities at the studio listened to some of his previous projects and were impressed by his music.

"This is going to be a very exciting album with live instruments. I put in my best effort, and it is a step further than what I’ve done before.

"The sound is not too different, but the feeling is now deeper, with new elements of rasta-kwasa steeped in reggae, traditional beat and jazz.

"It is a sound that I will be identified with," he explained.

Dino said with the album he was eyeing the not only the SADC region but also the entire continent.

"It’s an exciting move. I am looking at Sadc and beyond, although I will first launch it at home ."

Dino has engaged Charles Mukaronda as his manager to run his music affairs.

"This is his realisation that as an artiste he has matured and it is high time that he should concentrate on his art.

"Music too should be approached like any corporate venture because it is business. Now he can focus on music while I do the administration part for him," said Mukaronda.