Peter Michael Hitchmann released from prison


Hitchmann, who was sentenced to three years and four months, was released early in the morning and was seen off from Mutare Remand Prison by his lawyer, Mr Trust Maanda, his family members and friends.

In an exclusive interview with ZBC News, Hitchmann said he enjoyed a relative freedom for the past three months and equated his last three months like someone who was on holiday.

“For the last three months I enjoyed relative freedom, it was like someone on holiday, because I could move around. My first days were longish and most difficult owing to the conditions in prison among other factors,” he said.

He pointed out that conditions in prisons have greatly improved, saying within the shortest period of time things will improve greatly.

“Of late things have improved; shortages of blankets, clothing material have been greatly dealt with by the Government in collaboration with non-governmental organisations such as the Zimbabwe Red Cross society. Although conditions have improved significantly more needs to be done,” Hitchmann said.

Commenting on his involvement in the Bennet case, in which he is likely to give evidence as a state witness, Hitchmann said the state has not discussed that with him.

He said despite missing so many things whilst serving his jail term, he is glad to be re-united with his family.

Hitchmann said there is a great need for the Zimbabwe Prison services to live within their mission of rehabilitating prisoners, as results on the ground prove that prisoners instead of being rehabilitated are coming out more toughened to commit more offenses.

Peter Michael Hitchmann was arrested and convicted in 2006 after he was found in possession of arms cache at his house, which included an AK 47 riffle, 4 FN riffles, 7 Uzis, 19 pistols and revolvers, 11 shotguns and an assortment of ammunition.