Hosiah Chipanga fears for his life


In an interview with The Zimbabwean this week Chipanga said,

 “This is a mafia type of blacklisting my latest album. I have talked to Webster Shamhu .Minister of Media, Information and Publicity and he referred me to Happison Muchechetere ZBC, Chief Executive Officer. Muchechetere then professed ignorance on the banning of the album. He summoned Allan Chiweshe,the head of all radio stations. Chiweshe also professed ignorance and told me that my album was not banned. But, I have realized that they cannot admit that the album has been banned or disclose that they have been given orders to make sure that the album cannot be played on the airwaves,” said Chipanga.

The popular lyricist, famous for his hard-hitting socio-economic commentary, said he has since gathered that some top Zanu PF chefs and war veterans were responsible for banning the album.

A presenter from Radio Zimbabwe, who requested anonymity for fear of reprisals, said: “We have been told not to play the album.” “I have tried to make noise about my album, but they have told me to shut my mouth up. I am now spreading the message through live shows and other private media. They are now working on ways to block me to sing to the people on live shows,” said Chipanga.

“I am now going to some embassies to seek political asylum because I fear for my safety.”

He said there was no point in Zanu PF talking about reconciliation when people are denied freedom of expression. “Singing is my job so when they tell me to shut up then I am rendered jobless,” said Chipanga.