Beware of would be syndicate involving dubious cash cow Barbara Nyagomo in charity TarisakhangelaiZimbabwe


I helped to publicise the issue and managed to get a few friends donate to the cause after making phone calls to them too.I then sent the money to TarisakhangelaiZimbabwe by Western union and that was it.We had helped a worthy cause .

Yesterday someone who had previously followed the publicised cause and outcome on my wall,saw a post by Barbara conflicting what TarisakhangelaiZimbabwe had told me about the location of the young man.I was shocked and then asked after which I made TarisakhangelaiZimbabwe and the org’s cordinator Tendai Chitora angry,raising my suspicions even more .Barbara has a history of looking for money in charities ,companies and political parties and abusing it .


The first status I wrote asking

Associating with Barbara Nyagomo : Tarisai Khangela iZimbabwe Foundation (Gabriela Nyaruvende) I do apologise sincerely ,the truth from the bottom of my heart is please do not tag me again or bring to my attention anything concerning your work and Tarisai Khangela iZimbabwe Foundation .Please forgive me. I didn’t know Barbara Nyagomo is part of this organisation.I don’t associate with such kind of filth ,crooks and evil people .Just forget about me sis.Sorry sis dzangu dzinovhiiwa paruzhinji.

I’m not trying to be rude sis but I’m one person who prefers to just deal with some issues publicly kuitira mangwana ndakambonyeperwa plus nyaya dzemadonor funds idzi dzinoda transparency and accountability and I’m very particular about it.Do not inbox sis ngatibudirane pachena vanhu vakandipa mari dzavo for the Sithole boy vanzwewo.A right they have.If the child in question said to be at an orphanage is the same Sithole boy is he not staying with his grandparents as we publicised? Which child is in an orphanage that you run because when I asked you in inbox if the children are in a home you said vari mudzimba below .
Tarisai Khangela iZimbabwe Foundation
Thank you in advance, i would appreciate it if you could get a chance to meet these children.
Ok sis great .I admire you and love what you are doing. Vari mudzimba dzavo here where you visit kana kuti it’s like a home .
Tarisai Khangela iZimbabwe Foundation
18 April 14:54
Below Barbara Nyagomo said you run an orphanage so what is going on?

By Barbara Nyagomo
13 hours ago
HELP NEEDED! In Umguza Bulawayo we have a very ill child at an orpharnage run by Tarisakhangelaizimbabwe Trustfoundation needing emergency medical attention.I am part of this organisation Core Team.Support us with your time volunteering,food and clothes donations AND toys.


I was then blocked for asking

Blocked for querying contradicting statements about where Zamani Sithole is .

Transparency and Accountability is very important when handling donor funds or when involved with charity work.Even US$1 has to be accounted for and the public has the right to scrutinise what is going on.Even words said have to be accounted for and scrutinised ,so it is very important to be accurate with information. Last week or so I was helping Tarisakhangelaizimbabwe Trustfoundation (Gabriela Nyaruvende) to highlight Zamani Sithole’s issue and managed to raise a few dollars for bread for him and made it public.Just supporting another woman’s work and trusting her words.

Today someone inboxed me after seeing a conflicting statement made by Barbara Nyagomo concerning the location of the boy which contradicts what Tarisakhangelaizimbabwe Trustfoundation told me in inbox.I obviously got shocked (how the cash cow Barbara was involved too) and angry and asked ,and knowing about Barbara’s bad habits with money I got more confused .The payback is Tarisakhangelaizimbabwe Trustfoundation has blocked me after she unsuccessfully tried to defend Barbara .Now this gives me the impression that vari kuziyana naBarbara Nyagomo .Birds of the same feather I guess.Yangu yekuda kubatsira iyi.I hope mari yacho ichasvika kumwana.Zvatombozi ndokudzosera kamari kako mangwana chaiye ,kutsamwa kuti ndabvunzirei .Zvakaoma idi zvedu vatema.No wonder why Zimbabweans generally ignore such calls for help.Another lesson learnt.


The co ordinator then posted that I was settling personal scores with Barbara forgetting that I had helped this cause without even knowing Barbara was invloved.

Kusatenda uroyi shuwa : This is how our charities destroy themselves.

Because  I asked for clarification from that so called charity org Tarisakhangelaizimbabwe Trustfoundation ,I worked hard to get donations for, I’m now being told I’m fighting the org to settle my personal issues with Barbara Nyagomo.I thought I was very instrumental in making us all help the young man Zamani Sithole and even posted a western union deposit to them ,and am shocked that I’m fighing the org to settle personal scores with Barbara.When did I start fighting orgs that I even help to settle my scores with Barbara .Ndachera kakomba.I will not help ‘strangers’ again

This comment to me is from the org’s provincial co-odinator Tendai Chitora at Tarisai/ Khangela Izimbabwe Trust Foundation.
Tendai Chitora – “No i think you may win in making pple doubt about the organisation and it will affect those who need help.Yes you may be happy to fight the org as ur way to settle personal scores with Barbara.Its not about transparency or accountability here but its the issue of Vio and Barbara.Thanks sister Vio but remember it was not us who were beneffiting but children who still needs help.