Gentlepeople Save has made up his mind to divorce Elizaberth Macheka. Is this not going to taint his image? Discuss citing a previous case where he married Locadia Karimatsenga and divorce her a few days later. 
According to close relatives of Save, the marriage is now tied by a thin string. Save has become a prisoner of his previous sex scandals and these scandals are what are saving the shaky affair, for now though. Iam told Save fears that if he divorced Lizzy, the world attention will be on him, more so after he was recently on the international limelight for his sex scandals. I think he is right here, the timing is not good. Veduwe upenyu ivhiri, zvinhu zvinochinja.I watched in disbelief on Saturday at the airport as President was made to use the ordinary route inoshandiswawo nesu vanaMafirakureva. Vakatomirawo muqueue whilst Edgar Gobvu and Wallace Chibikira vachidhindisa mapassport. Zvakaomawo izvi.

Those who think that the MDC is finished are daydreaming. We are busy preparing for 2018 elections and this time we want to train our intelligence officers so that they are capacitated to scan the political environment. We have some members from the EU who are assisting us to rebuild the party as well as train our intelligence officers. By the way if we had won, Dr Alex Magaisa was going to be our Director General of the Central Intelligence services. I came across a list here at Harvest House, of all the civil servants that were to be fired for their support of ZANU PF. There was an exercise where every ZANU hardliner within the civil service was identified and recorded. Ma one vamwe venyu vazhinji mange murikuenda kumba dai takahwina.

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