Refugee MDC-T Vungu candidate and alleged rapist DJ Ezra Tshisa Sibanda hits out at asylum seekers


MDC-T DJ Ezra Tshisa Sibanda is very angry that he lost in the elections and is now talking like a lunatic or like an irresponsible jilted lover.The gormer ZBC Radio and TV personality player lost after  standing as an MDC-T parliamentary candidate in his rural home of Vungu in the Midlands Province.

All along I thought he lied to the British that Mugabe and zanupf will kill him for raping that young girl in Bulawayo after which he was given refugee status and mostly likely citizenship.Lest he forgets that he is one of the people he has mentioned below and he only went back to Zimbabwe after MDC-T invited him to stand as a candidate.I feel pity for all those who sought asylum using the MDC-T ticket .It seems they are not supposed to despise the wrongs in MDC-T because they were helped to gain refugee status by MDC-T.I find it quite foolish Thank God he lost .
I was inboxed this .

By Ezra Tshisa Sibanda
Tens of thousands of Zimbabweans fled the country in recent years to seek sanctuary in countries like Britain, USA, Canada, Australia etc. They claimed to be fleeing persecution, intimidation, torture and abduction by ZANU-PF. They claimed to be supporters of MDC and were targeted by Zanu-PF militias, war vets and claimed previous elections were marred with violence and rigging. They claimed to have been living in fear in Zimbabwe, claimed to have witnessed the slaying of their relatives, claimed to have been raped, homes destroyed and were on the wanted list in Zimbabwe, therefore pleaded not to be deported or returned to Zim. With the help of refugee organisations and human rights lawyers they were granted sanctuary and protection which led to most of them getting papers or permanent stays in various friendly countries.

Now that they have their permanent stays, indefinite leave to remain or citizenship, they now hero worship ZANU-PF and its leaders. The same people, sitting in the comfort of their homes, some even on state benefits have embarked on a journey of abusing cyber space ridiculing MDC, it’s leader and other Zimbabweans fighting for change. With their shallow brains they are now in the forefront of dismissing MDC and Morgan Tsvangirayi forgetting they are the reasons they got their status or stays, got employment and clever ones managing to get a bit of education. What has now changed within ZANU-PF which constitutes some diasporas falling in love with it again? If its so good why are they not coming home? Why defend it in the comfort of your homes instead of coming to the ground? The political keyboard activists should simple crawl out of their caves, stop being cowards, get involved and stop taking advantage of unregulated cyber space to abuse those who are fighting the struggle for freedom and justice!