Habitual Conman Duke Sithole with string of frauds disappears with money for ZIFFE tshirts


Between July and October 2012 , the CEO of the organisation who was convinced by Duke Sithole and unaware at that time that the soft spoken conman had other strings of frauds advised a wellwisher who wanted to help with printing charges for the t- shirts  to deposit the money directly into Duke’s South African account below.

Duke Sithole, Bank: FNB, ACC No: 62238501739.Oh branch code is 260149.a swift code and its FIRNZAJJ

The money was deposited in Duke’s account and he confirmed that  he had received the money and had contracted a printer to do the job but efforts to get the t shirts failed .However the conman approached a close colleague who printed a t-shirt for him that Duke posed with on ZIFFE walls to gice the impression that the job had been done.Eversince efforts to get the money back and or the t shirts have since failed.

The conman later blocked all contacts with ZIFFE on facebok.

The well known conman whose home address and contact details are below says he is into computer business and supplies computers in schools using the name

100 Wonderpark Estates,
Cnr 1st/Heinrich Str, Akasia,
Pretoria North.
South Africa .

Cell : +27832044271

Email : afrischools@live.com

Below are some of his frauds 

Duke Sithole sweet talked a friend’s wife more than R4000 and other undisclosed sums of money from the  friend when he told them that they will be his business partners. Nothing materialised.He went on to sweet talk a Zimbabwean woman who runs a hair saloon with her Nigerian boyfriend in South Africa.

When asked to comment Duke said he is sharing an office with the couple after he was chased away from other business premises he was renting for non payment of rent .

Meanwhile the car he claimed he owned,was apparently owned by another South African cheated businesswoman and the car was still in a garage for more than 6 months because he couldn’t afford the bill.

Asked about the car issue he said it was owned by a South African woman who gave it to him to use and the women did a lot for him to win his love.

One lady who was  employed by Duke was not paid for more than 3 months she was finally employed by a school that chased Duke’s company away for failed business transactions.

A Zimbabwean businessman who pumped R40 000 into Duke’s computer  project is still trying to recover something from him.

“He divided me with all my friends I introduced him to including my wife with blackmails for trying to recover what he owes me. Now some are coming to me apologising or asking for his whereabouts after parting with property or money to him which he never returned. He is a risk to have too close to you, watch your distance,” said a former friend.

Among other frauds Duke  poses as an Estate Agent and says he ownsa flat in an upmarket residential area in Pretoria which turned out to be owned by the South African businesswoman who left it in his charge when she went to Saidi Arabia.

” He told me he was an English teacher in Zimbabwe later he told me he worked as a manager at Microking Finance at Mbare branch. He is using a fake International Driver’s Licence printed in Brakpan, all of them have one serial number of Automobile Association of Zimbabwe. He is a con artist and a womaniser with children all over where he stayed. The lady she cheated her computer business bursted him when he posted his new born baby with another woman on Facebook and then she flew back unannounced. She made quite a scene at the shop he was renting, the police station and where he was lodging. Some of his victims include white ladies. Now this Nigerian guy will be his fullstop,” confirmed the former friend.

” These are not stories to tarnish him but for anyone who care to make a personal judgement about his business ethics. What is more shocking is to hear from the victims themselves, that will be a revelation and a half. I hope he is not going to run away. Maybe ask him why he was beaten twice by a loan Shark called Mateta last year “,added the friend.

When asked about the loan shark,Duke confirmed that yes he was a victim at one time because he couldn’t pay back what he owed.

Efforts to recover the money he owes ZIFFE or the tshirts are resuming.