Journalist Gilbert Munetsi sacked after Betty Makoni GCN $800 pay out to hide donor funds abuse


Many people who have exposed and despised GCN /GCNW corruption have been called names ,labelled ZANUPF CIO’s and in some cases reported to the police on trumped up charges in order to have them arrested as what happened in my case. When I joined others in despising the widely reported Betty Makoni’s GCN/GCNW donor funds abuse she reported me to British police lying that I was harassing her and she later labeled me a cyber bully when she knows very well that I am not a cyber bully but an anti Mugabe protest singer and human rights defender ,with interest of course in leaders anti corruption campaigns.Yes having me behind bars will give her peace of mind as I am a pain to her, so she thinks. But the TRUTH will never be jailed.The arrest never took place and I’m still waiting.

I committed no sin in adding my voice to the donor abuse issues but unfortunately I am being smeared by Betty for speaking out. Our voices should not be silenced. We have a duty and responsibility to despise donor funds abuse when we witness it or hear about it from reliable sources.

Some former GCN/GCNW  workers are said to have raised the donor funds abuse issue but they were intimidated into silence except for one who remained standing until some valuable information was revealed.One of the  messages that came from one of the disgruntled former GCN workers said,

“Betty is a theatric and uses money to pay in order to tarnish people and one of them was Robert Mukondiwa and Gilbert Munetsi (Kwayedza editor) who was paid 800 dollars to tarnish another former GCN employee in Kwayedza. Gilbert Munetsi was subsequently sacked thereafter because the former employee had documentary evidence for both persons.”

So what happened is a State run newspaper Kwayedza’s junior reporter  MC  investigated GCN abuse of donor funds funds after a tip off.The story was later published in Kwayedza newspaper on 08 May 2009 and it was published in vernacular – Shona as usual . It was translated into English and aggregated by other online newspapers. The translated story re-published  below  got Betty to defend her organisation’s alleged abuse of donor funds.She accused the reporter and the translator for working hand in hand with ZANUPF CIO’s to destroy her.Remember this is the same woman who is in good books with some ZANUPF CIO’s.

Funny enough the reporter and the translator of the story don’t know each other ,but I got to know of who the translator is after the information got to me by chance.The story below was translated by a known voluntary reporter of an online newspaper  NS who is based in Harare , Zimbabwe. Meaning NS translated the story and not one Ropafadzo as said by Betty and Gilbert in an email communication quoted below to one Melaine.They most likely said it’s Ropafadzo since they were  eager to convince readers  that Ropafadzo was bend on destroying GCN.Ropafadzo has since been accused of being a ZANUPF CIO who is jealousy of GCN/GCNW work.


08 may 2009

GCN Betty Makoni  accused of donor funds abuse

Betty Hazviperi Makoni the Girl Child Network (GCN) boss is said to be in United Kingdom after misappropriating donor funds that she amassed for the upkeep of desperate girls in Zimbabwe.

The employees of the well known Girl Child Network boss are living from hand to mouth after going for several months without pay.

Some Zimbabwe reporters who visited schools in Chitungwiza where Betty Makoni used to help school girls were met with a lot of complaints that the network boss had neglected them.Some of the school girls are no longer going to school due to lack of funds for school fees. 

 “The money for GCN school children  was paid last term but this term  nothing has been paid.Levy payments for US$30 per child were also not paid and the children would have to pay on their own.This year also GCN decreased the number of children who they were paying for from fifty to twelve,” said a teacher at Farai Primary School  in Chitungwiza.

When reporters visited the GCN headquaters in Zengeza 4 they were met by a few workers who were also frustrated that they have been waiting for their boss’s return to no avail. 

 “All the money comes from Betty Makoni but if she is not here to fund the project there is nothing that we can do. We are about to close this afternoon so that we go home. Betty is our boss and she deserted us a long time .She doesn’t even know how the project is going on now.Our case now is being looked into by the National Employment Council (NCE)”,said a GCN employee. 

At Girls At Risk Support Unit (GARSU), one of GCN’s branches in Unit F,Chitungwiza  the employees shared the same sentiments of neglect.Some of the employees exposed how Betty Makoni had misused donor funds.

“We are getting peanuts and also the names being used by Betty to source donor funds are false  .She is bringing in her relatives’ children and meeting their  school requirements whilst neglecting the genuine children who need help desperately” said a GARSU employee.

Some employees complained that they had gone for years without a salary increase and  some Senior Management Team employees  had decided to resign after being accused of trying to take over Betty’s position. 

The Senior Management Team includes former journalists,lawyers and accountants who had joined GCN hoping to have  better salaries.

Some parents interviewed said their suffering children gave Betty Makoni all the fame that she is enjoying now,and they are pained that she ran away and is in hiding in the UK.

When reporters visited Betty Makoni’s house in Vainona they saw eight cars.

Last month  Betty Makoni is said to have sent four people in the middle of the night  to her personal assisitant to take away from him  a laptop,a car,a printer and a cell phone.Apart from the fact that GCN has  a manager  Alexio Manyangadze,Betty Makoni is in control of everything.

The employees said Betty Makoni writes them emails instructing them on what actions to take ,pertaining to hiring and firing employees.

Our reporter attempted to call Betty Makoni but failed to get through .

Betty Makoni is a well known girl child activist who has won awards that incude the World Children’s Prize for the Rights of the Child in 2007 ,an Amnesty International award and a Ginetta Sagan award for Women’s and Children’s Rights in 2008.


Determined to mislead Kwayedza readers and the public, Betty together with Robert Mukondiwa, a State newspaper reporter who was paid for doing GCN accounts and who  nominated Betty for CNN hero and who was working for the State paper, the Herald at that time before becoming H Metro assistant editor,  liaised  with the editor of Kwayedza at that time a Gilbert Munetsi to have the record set straight  by publishing the real ‘truth’ of what was happening to donor funds at GCN Zimbabwe. And Robert Mukondiwa did accounts for GCN?No wonder why he was interested in making sure that justice prevails.

Mind you the  Kwayedza editor Gilbert Munetsi approved that the story go for publication on 08 May after the junior reporter investigated it. But as soon as Betty and Robert convinced him that the junior reporter had lied about GCN donor funds mismanagement Gilbert changed his mind and chose to become an incompetent and unprofessional editor who allows false stories to be published but was ready to correct it and become a competent and professional editor who doesn’t allow false stories to be published.

 So he took it upon himself to the ethical thing and decided to re -investigate and re -write the story. And this is supposed to be a busy editor with quite a number of other junior reporters who could have re- investigated the allegations if the first junior reporter MC had done a dirty job.I’m not sure,maybe Kwayedza newspaper had one junior reporter at that time.

The re –investigation of the story that set to put the record straight  did not go without payment. $800 is said to have been paid to Robert Mukondiwa and Gilbert Munetsi  for agreeing to make sure that justice prevails. No one really knows if the $800 was deducted from donor funds or not, except to use common sense.

The editor of Kwayedza Gilbert ,therefore went on to  do his own investigations since he longer trusted the incompetent and unprofessional Kwayedza reporter  who had written a false story about GCN .After doing his own investigations he wrote a new story to give readers and interested parties the real picture of what was happening at GCN with donor funds .To make sure readers believe his story he  weirdly went on to despise how one of his ‘workmates’ was putting Kwayedza’s sister paper, The Herald into disrepute as he argued that the Herald reporter had erred and falsely accused GCN Betty Makoni of donor funds abuse after liasing to tarnish the image of GCN with the Kwayedza junior reporter .

To prove that he had done his investigations accurately and make sure that all was under his control Gilbert wrote a LEAKED email to one Melaine , taking responsibility of the Kwayedza reporter’s incompetence and spoke against  the incompetence as he set the record straight.Of course he wrote the email after Betty Makoni instructed him to do that .The email was to convince Melaine that Betty Makoni and GCN are innocent .

Quoted below is the email that  Betty wrote to Gilbert  instructing him to wrtte an email to Melanie.It’s not clear if Melaine was a GCN donor or well wisher but what is certain is Gilbert had to convince Melaine that GCN does not abuse donor funds.

“From:   Betty Makoni

Sent:Tuesday, July 28, 2009 12:08 PM

To:gilbert munetsi

Cc:Melanie A …………

Subject:Melaine email address

Dear Gilbert

I hope you are fine.Please see cced Melaine email addresses for both work and personal.I cced this yesterday.

You can reply all

Keep well


Hazviperi Betty Makoni

President And Founder

Girl Child Network World Wide

4 West Road

Westcliff on Sea



United Kingdom

Telephone:00 44 1702 302333

Mobile:00 44 786 615 4860

Fax: 00 44 1702 300 063



Who is the Decade Child Rights Hero????

We mobilise and organise, energise and empower girls round the world 

After receiving the email above from Betty ,Gilbert obliged and wrote to Melaine an email below which he copied to Betty as per her email instructions.

On Tue, 28/7/09, gilbert munetsi wrote: 

From: gilbert munetsi
Subject: RE: Melaine email address
To: “Betty Makoni”
Date: Tuesday, 28 July, 2009, 11:51 AM

“ My name is Gilbert Munetsi and I am the News Editor of Kwayedza, the weekly newspaper that published the original story about Betty Makoni. The story, published in our ‘Kwayedza’  issue was written by one of our stringers by the name of Muchaneta Chimuka after she had been misled by a former disgruntled employee of Girl Child Network,RM. Before joining GCN, RM
also happens to have worked for the Zimbabwe Newspaper Group (as an Assistant Editor) under whose stable our paper falls and it became evident after investigations that she was using her influence as a former senior employee to make the junior stringer believe her story.

After we had published the story, we had a visit from GCN staff members querrying the credibility of the article which, ethically, was suppossed to carry the other side (Betty’s) but because the writer and her source brought it to us just before the paper went to bed,there had not been time or effort put to reach Betty or GCN for comment (and I have to admit this was gross unprofessionalism on the part of my paper). However, instead of carrying out a retraction, I decided to personally carry out investigations which included physically visiting the schools where GCN is paying fees for the girls, going through the documentation made available for my perusal by GCN management staff and talking to employees as well as RM’s lawyer.

That is when I learnt that:

1. RM had not been reporting for work and neither was she submitting reports as per her contract (for instance, she only came to work for nine days inside three months). She became disgruntled after being reprimanded for this.

2. All school heads were happy with the support the girls were getting through having their fees paid (I was actually given letters of appreciation from five school heads)

3. Betty never handled GCN money and is not even a signatory .

This is when I then did a second story stating the facts as they are on the ground.But two days before, RM had literaly translated our first story into English (word for word) which I saw on the internet the intention being to make sure the world – particularly the sponsors of GCN – read and understand the story. This,Melanie, is what actually transpired.

Should you need confirmation of the above information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with my Editor, Mr Happiness Chikwanha, on e-mail address:


Gilbert  Munetsi


I’m sure if Gilbert reads this he will hide his head in shame for lying that RM translated the Kwayedza story written by the junior reporter. Anyway he had been paid what more can we expect from people who are paid do jobs that they are not supposed to do? If he had investigated well he should have realised that the Kwayedza story was not translated by RM.

Below is the untranslated story headlined ‘Ndorumwa Nechekuchera’ that Munyori weKwayedza,Gilbert Munetsi  wrote  after  receiving the said  $800 from GCN Betty Makoni to kill the first story that exposed GCN mismanagement of donor funds which was  written by the junior  reporter .Gilbert’s story to kill the lies published by his junior reporter was published in Kwayedza on 15 May 2009, a week after  the one written by the junior reporter.Briefly in the story he is saying  Betty Makoni left Zimbabwe passing through Botswana because her husband got a job in UK and Betty said she left not because she was  in trouble with the government but because her husband got a contract to work for London 2012 Olympic games.He is also saying a disgruntled worker RM cooked lies that GCN was abusing donor funds.

However in certain media reports Betty Makoni is quoted saying she ran away from   the government ZANUPF. Gilbert also mentions about the labour case that RM was involved with as she took GCN to court over non payment of wages.RM won the labour   dispute against GCN and she was supposed to be paid her backdated wages. I don’t know if she was paid.


Ndorumwa nechekuchera

neMunyori weKwayedza

NYAYA yekubuda kwemutungamiri wesangano reGirl Child Network munyika muno achinovaka musha mutsva kuUnited Kingdom svondo rino yakatora gwara idzva zvichitevera humbowo hutsva hwakapihwa nesangano iri richipomera mumwe wevashandi varo kukonzeresa nyonga-nyonga dzose dziri kuitika mukati maro.

Muzvare Betty Hazviperi Makoni vakabuda muZimbabwe kuburikidza nenyika yeBotswana vakananga kuUK uko vanoti vave kugara nemhuri yavo zvichitevera kuwana kwemurume wavo, Irvine Nyamapfeni, basa saEngineer kukambani inonzi EDF.

Mudzimai uyu, muhurukuro nepepa rino svondo rino – iyo yakatora awa rose – anoti haana kutiza nyika yechizvarirwo nekuda kwenyaya dzematongerwo enyika kana chimwe chikonzero kwete, asi kuti ane tariro yekudzoka kumusha kana kondirakiti yaNyamapfeni yekugadzira zvivakwa zveLondon 2012 Olympic Games ichinge yapera.

Kubuda kwaMuzvare Betty chinyararire kwakakwezva runyerekupe rwekuti vainge vaenda nehomwe yemari, vana vavairiritira pamwe nevashandi vachisiiwa vachidya nhoko dzezvironda. Asi izvi svondo rino zvakabuda zvisiri-zvo. Zvisinei, mudzimai uyu muhurukuro akaburitsa zvizhinji achiti:

“Nyaya iri apa ndeyekuti pane munhu mumwe chete anga achitsvaga chigaro changu musangano (GCN), asi nekuona kuti mikana yake yebudiriro yaondoroka, osarudza zvino kusvibisa zita rangu iro rakazvinakira samare.

“Handina kutsvaga hupoteri sezvazvinotaurwa zvichiitwa, asi kuti ndakabva muZimbabwe zvakanakanaka ndichienda nekuBotswana, kunove kwandiine mapepa emvumo yekugarako zviri pamurawo (residence permit).

“Chinhu chinosuwisa zvikuru kuti mushure mekunge ndazvipira kwemakore gumi ose aya kubatsira mwanasikana ari kumbunyikidzwa nekumupa hupenyu nefundo zviri nani, mumwe munhu anoona zvakakodzera kundiripa nekusvibisa zita rangu seizvi.

“Chimwe chinonyanyondirwadza ndechekuti munhu uyu, RM, ndakamugamuchira muGCN, ndikamupa basa nerubatsiro rwunosanganisira kumurapisa, mushure mekunge auya kwandiri achiti kubasa kwaaimboshanda (aishandira pepanhau reThe Herald) aibatwa neseri kweruoko nekuda kwekuti aive mudzimai mumwechete pakati pevanhurume vane zvigaro zvepamusoro.

“Asi mukushanda naye ndakasangana nematambudziko nekuzvidemba kukuru zvichitevera kutadza kwake kutsanangudza mari (3000 Pula mushure merwendo rwekuBotswana, semuenzaniso), kutadza kudzora digital camera yatakamupa achienda kuEgypt pamwe nekundityityidzira kuti ndinotsakatika kana akanditumira hama dzake dzine mabasa epamusoro muHurumende,” akadaro Makoni.

Maererano nemapepa akaburitswa nemuzinda wesangano reGirl Child Network ari mumaoko epepa rino, yeuchidzo yekupera kwekondirakiti yaRM, iyo akasaina naiyewo nemusi wa27 Kurume, inonzi inofanira kupera nemusi wa31 Chikunguru uye ichinzi haisi kuzosesekedzwa mberi.

Zvikonzero zviviri zviri kupihwa ndezvinoti RM anga asiri kunyora magwaro emashandiro aanoita (reports) kwemwedzi mitatu yadarika setarisiro iripo, zvinove zvisiri kufadza vanotsigira nemari zvirongwa zvaanofambisa.

Mari dzezvirongwa izvi dzinonzi dzinobva kuStephen Lewis Foundation, Stephen Lewis Emergency Fund, Newfield Foundation pamwe neUS State Department. Pari zvino RM, uyo akapinda basa saPrograms Co-ordinator muchikamu cheGirls At Risk Support Unit, akatsvagirwa ‘chitsikamapfihwa’ chiri kufanofambisa basa rake iri mberi chinonzi Winnet Murinda. Kondirakiti yaMurinda yakatanga musi wa7 Chivabvu uye ichapera musi wa6 Nyamavhuvhu.

Chikonzero chepiri ndechekuti RM anonzi anogarorovha kubasa achipa zvikonzero zvinosanganisira kushaya peturu yekufambisa pamwe nekuti anoda kunoona machiremba.

Somuenzaniso, mapepa anosainwa nevashandi vachipinda nekubuda pabasa emwedzi waKurume anoratidza kuti RM akaenda kubasa mazuva mashanu anoti 2, 3, 4, 5 na16. Muna Kubvumbi mapepa aya anoti akawanikwawo pabasa zuva rimwechete, unova musi wa9.

Izvi ndizvo zvikonzero zviri kupihwa negweta reGCN, VaWisdom Gandanzara vekambani yeNyikadzino, Koworera and Associates, zvekuti sei mushandi uyu ari kunyimwa muto wekufambisa motokari. Gweta iri neChitatu rakataurawo richiti:

“Hongu, mushandi wamunotaura uyu akatinyorera tsamba kuburikidza negweta rake (Rodgers Matsikidze weMatsikidze and Mucheche Commercial and Labour Law Chambers) iyo takatambira nemusi wa11 Kurume, tikazoipindurawo svondo radarika. “Gakava redu rekutanga nderekuti motokari iri kutaurwa nezvayo iyo haina kumbobvira yapihwa RM zviri pamutemo kuti ange achiishandisa uye haisi benefit yake asi ndeyekuitisa basa. Naizvozvo kana zvichinge zvaonekwa kunzi pane basa riri kuda kuitwa ndipo panoburitswa peturu ichipihwa kwaari. Ko, munhu asiri kuuya kubasa kwacho anoda peturu yei nayo?

“Chepiri mudzimai uyu anoti haasi kuwana mari yake yepamwedzi nenguva, asi chinonzi nguva chii kana mwedzi usati wapinda mune mumwe. Semuenzaniso, muna Kurume akatambira musi wa27, kuchizoti mwedzi wadarika akatambira musi wa30. Saka nguva iri kutaurwa apa ndeipi?

“Zvaanoti nharaunda yaari kushandira haina kufanira (intolerable workplace) zviri kutokonzerwa naiye ari kurovha kubasa nekukanganisa mafambiro ezvinhu musangano,” akadaro Gandanzara. Achibvunzwa nezvekuti RM ari kuti akabatira motokari yesangano kusvika apihwa twake twese, akati izvi haazvizive uye vane tarisiro yekuti kana kondirakiti yake yapera chete, anodzora motokari sezvo basa rayo riri kuGCN, kwete kumba kwake.

“Zvamuri kutaura izvi ndakamboita sekuzviti inzwei kubva kugweta rake, asika tinozoyambuka rwizi tasvika pazambuko.

“Maererano nebumbiro remutemo wekushandirana (Labour Act), RM achiri mushandi weGCN naizvozvo kana nguva yekuti titi aziva kwake, aziva kwake, tinomutarisira kusiya twusi twake patwunofanira kunge twuri,” akadaro. Zvisinei nekuti pane mashoko enyaya dzevashandi veGCN dzenyunyuto dzinonzi dzakakwidzwa kuNational Employment Council, mutauriri weNEC iyi, uyo akapa zita rake saMapisavunga achishanda semuyananisi (arbitrator), akati nyaya dzose dzainge dzaunzwa kwavari vainge vapedza nadzo uye painge pasina dzimwe itsva. “VeGCN vakauya pano tikaita nyaya dzavo tikadzigadzirisa, mumwe nemumwe akawana mugove wake zvikapera. Pari zvino hatina dzimwe nyaya itsva kubva kwavari,” akadaro murume uyu.

Zvakadai, gweta raRM, Matsikidze, riri kutsikawo madziro richiti haivhiyiwe uye richaendesa nyaya iyi kumatare emberi sezvo paine humbowo hwekuti mudzimai wariri kumirira uyu aibatwa zvisakafanira zvichiita kuti pave neaakati “maunfair labour practices.” Rakati motokari yerudzi rweMarch ina RM vacharamba vakaibatirira kusvikira vagutsikana nenyaya iyi.

Gilbert Munetsi is now Stephen Muzhingi marathon winner’s publicity  (left) talking to President Mugabe (right).Saviour Kasukuwere behind