ZANUPF reporter Robert Mukondiwa did accounts for GCN,nominated Betty Makoni for CNN hero


After I despised the abuse of donor funds by GCN/GCNW, following in the footsteps of the media that exposed it, the former GCN/GCNW ‘employees’ and myself who witnessed it in addition to donors like Oxfam Novib that proved it ,I became the founder (Betty Makoni)’s enemy too becoming one of the latest victims accused of being jealousy of her work and being a ZANUPF CIO working on destroying her ‘good’ work.

She has also accused me of spreading HATE speech about her on the internet.I understand.She says that to everyone who despises the said corruption in her organisation. As they say, “The TRUTH is ‘hate speech’ only to those who have something to hide” – Michael Rivera.

Malicious lies, smear campaigns and cheap talk are defence mechanisms that are widely used as weapons of destruction by many ‘leaders’ whose mismanagement of donor funds would have been exposed. As someone who is used to such smear campaigns, cheap talk and malicious lies, typical of corrupt and incompetent ‘leaders’ I thought it necessary to share with interested parties who the actual ZANUPF aligned hypocrite is. The truth that only one person dared to expose until the person was intimidated and silenced by Betty. The person was later labeled a ZANUPF CIO and a liar who is jealousy of her work. If ZANUPF CIO’s are liars who are jealousy of her work and who are bent on destroying her work why is she in excellent terms with some of them?

Apparently ZANUPF Mugabe presidential staff and State Newspaper H-Metro Assistant Editor ‘CIO’ Robert Mukondiwa did pocket accounts for GCN and was paid for the job and other duties. Satisfied by GCN’s work he went on to nominate Betty Makoni for CNN hero award so she said. He was on GCN payroll for a long time and he boasted to people saying if you want easy money just be friends with Betty, confirmed others.One wonders if this easy money that was so easy to part away with  was donor money too because I think easy money should be money that one didn’t ‘work’ for.

It’s very irresponsible for  Betty Makoni to lie that I’m a ZANUPF CIO when she knows that she’s the one who is closely associated with ZANUPF ‘CIO’s. So the truth is Robert Mukondiwa was both on GCN and ZANUPF payroll. So were GCN donor funds also used to pay ZANUPF ‘CIO’s? The same family of thugs who Betty Makoni says   are raping women and is fighting for their rights. Such hypocrisy is uncalled for. The truth will set us free.

As news that Betty Makoni paid Zimbabwe journalists to write good stories about her to rubbish donor funds accusations spread ,she at one time paid a Kwayedza editor one Gilbert Munetsi and Robert Mukondiwa again some $US800 dollars to retract a published story highlighting that GCN was abusing donor funds which was written by a Kwayedza junior  reporter. The editor was investigated after being exposed and he was ‘fired’.

On November 24, 2009 at 6:11pm Betty Makoni was seen on facebook thanking Robert Mukondiwa for the CNN support when she wrote ,

Betty Makoni  – “ Robert and Leon makaita basa nekumira sanababa zvakaitwa mhukahuru ndatenda hangu .Mugare kure nemoto vakomana makabata basa nechido “ (Robert and Leon you did a great job.You stood up like men and you worked with dedication. Thank you very much. Stay away from fire)

At that time Robert had posted their picture at the CNN award ceremony and said,

“Hollywood Highlights” by Robert Mukondiwa Dwayne THE ROCK Johnson meets Robert Mukondiwa at Kodak Theatre Hollywood CA, as Betty Makoni looks on.I  could smell what The Rock was cooking!”

Chances are I will get into trouble with Betty for adding my voice to the revelations that she is positively aligned to ZANUPF.The revelations which I also witnessed first hand when Robert Mukondiwa in one instance wrote an email to Betty Makoni confirming that he had received US$300 dollars from GCN ‘authorities’ in Zimbabwe in return for a job that he had done. Not understanding why a woman who told the world that she ran away from ZANUPF terror when she relocated to the UK would closely associate with someone who ‘guards’ Mugabe,I asked her why she was in such good books with a ZANUPF State paper reporter and Mugabe Presidential ‘staff’. I asked if the reporter was not a ZANU PF CIO too and she said yes he behaves like a ZANUPF CIO at times and she went on to explain that it is necessary at times to ‘play’ with them since they can give valuable information.I asked why the playing had gone to the extent of travelling with the ZANUPF ‘CIO’ to USA for her CNN award ceremony and I was told it’s necessary and good for strategizing and survival. One wonders if he was paid from donor funds or pocket money and one also wonders why the strategising required that Robert be ‘officially’ put on GCN payroll.

She then also referred me to Robert in case I needed him to verify for me some ‘strangers’ interested in working with me. Coincidentally at that time I had a Zimbabwean man JM who wanted to help me with publicising my work. I wrote Robert an email so that he can help me vet the man and he responded once assuring me that he will look into it and I never heard from him again. I didn’t contact him again. Of course I was strongly suspecting that I had sent a ‘CIO’ to catch ‘CIO’ .Or maybe it’s because I didn’t pay him anything .I don’t know.

And funny enough last week media reported that the same Robert Mukondiwa who stands behind Mugabe in some occasions and is now the assistant editor for State paper H-Metro was caught red-handed having ‘sex’ with a male prostitute during a Presidential trip to Namibia. It was also reported that he was sharing a hotel room with a ZANUPF CIO who caught them in the act. My heart beat fast. I think one has to be very close to Mugabe to be trusted to the extent of sharing a hotel room with a ZANUPF CIO.


That said, it is ‘Bible’ truth that I don’t support ZANUPF at all and such kind of malicious lies show how desperate the GCN/GCNW founder is. I’m however ready for all these troubles that she is pouring on me. As also said , ”In this world, those who seek the truth will also find trouble “-Gary Amirault .Let it be.

President Mugabe and Robert Mukondiwa guarding the President 


Betty Makoni and Robert Mukondiwa at CNN Heroes award ceremony in USA.