Martin Chinyanga Da William and Barbara Nyagomo tormenting me for refusing to join Government in exile

Martin Chinyanga Da William
BREAKING NEWS: of her victims who had all the data from fellow victims who called him kuti they are taking the case to the police and they went and she was caught red handed doing the usual thing on another victim. Im told for armed cops raided her house and she was forced to deactivate her account and taken for questoning.That is the only detail i was given.THIS IS A CYBER BULLYER WHO USES A NICKNAME.
In a comment above targetted at me Martin Chinyanga Da William nicknamed CHIBUKU MAN by those who know him turned his hate machine on.After he wrote the status treating it as Breaking news ,some Viomak haters came to join in the juicy malicious lies starting with South African based ZANUPF CIO George Ruzvidzo Manyika commenting.So according to Martin Chinyanga Da William’s status I was caught red handed terrorising a ZANUPF thug on the internet.Then ARMED cops raided my house and I was forced to deactivate my facebook account and taken for questioning.

Does that make sense at all? Armed cops raiding my house and catching me red handed doing the usual thing?What thing? Cyber bullying.So I am a cyber bully because I expose ZANUPF thugs and terrorists who bully me and provoke me on the internet.And this status was written by someone who claims to be against ZANUPF and Mugabe.Mind you Martin Chinyanga Da William is that former shadow ZAPU Europe man who was supposed to represent ZAPU in Makoni district had he not been fired together with Barbara Nyagomo before their dreams were realised.

I was not shocked by their agenda to tarnish Viomak.They have always been like that in public but in private they write me emails asking if I can work with them.

Did my other haters even use their common sense after reading the weird status .No.They have no time to use their common sense when it comes to denouncing Viomak.I understand them because I have denounced their master Mugabe for the past ten years and even producing music denouncing him so they are very angry with me and I am their certified enemy.They have no time to waste worrying about common sense and truth when it comes to Viomak.

Martin Chinyanga Da William is the same man who on the 9th of March 2011 wrote me an email below asking that I join their Zimbabwe govt in exile.

"Sorry if this can be a disappointment to you but we have to give this document to deserve it because you are a true revolutionalist, we respect your fight to Mugabe.Please Mrs Mak we are kindly inviting you to the event attached.after considering your revolutionary credentials , We found that we can work together diplomatically and strategical to remove the tyranny from power. Please think well before you accept the declaration. TRUE REVOLUTIONARIES DO NOT FEAR TREASON LAW OF MUGABE..ALUTA CONTINUA.Note: please this is only a united exile gvt, when it dissolve or it’s term finishes as outlined in the attachment,  everybody will go back to their political parties for participation in the democratic , free and fear elections. YOU CAN BRING 3 OTHER PEOPLE FROM YOUR CONSTITUENCY.The documents above are private and confidential until that time they are  published by the exile gvt.

thank you 

martin chinyanga da william
every SINGLE soul matters, losing any life of a citizen by a statesman is same as losing the whole cabinet of that GOVERNMENT.This is what the LORD says: Do what is just and right. Rescue from the hand of his oppressor the one who has been robbed. Do no wrong or violence to the alien, the fatherless or the widow, and do not shed innocent blood in this place." Jeremiah 22:3"

On Thursday 10 March I wrote him an email refusing the request.

"Dear Da William
I ‘m sorry Da William but I am not interested in associating with you.Can you also remove my email from your list as I don’t want to communicate with you in future.Thank you very much."

He responded,

Martin William Chinyanga( MSc Biophysics UK, Lic Ed Cuba) 
1.secretary general MEGA ZIMBABWE CONVENTION 2.Co-odinator Cry Freedom Africa, ZimDispora focus group"

Before this he had requested to add me as a connection on Linkedln.I refused too.


martin chinyanga requested to add you as a connection on LinkedIn:


I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.

– martin chinyanga

Before that on the 8th of February he had included my email in a communication below in which he was asking human rights activists in diaspora seeking advice from us ,myself included.But I have suddenly become a CYBER BULLY.Such hypocrisy.

"Hi dispoarans and human rights activists.

Please all human rights activists see below a conversation I was doing with george shire on my facebook inbox, he is  a pro activist of zanu, who is living in luxuary diaspora at the expense of making people suffering and torture , by his crowns zanu-pf.I have asked him politely why he did protests against democratic demonstrators in lisbon, and for that he have threatened to sue me , please help and advise before i will take action today, I have contacted Lance Guma the jounalist of sw radio who filed this story on .htm,but he have not yet come to me.this is Goege shire b4 on hard talk bbc "
"William Chinyanga

I again asked him to remove my email from his email list writing him an email below,

"I am kindly asking that you remove my email from your communication as you and me are not in good books and therefore am not interested in knowing what goes on in your life.I don’t remember communicating with you on email and am wondering why you added my email on your communication.Your understanding will be greatly appreciated
Thanks "

He did not remove my email in the first instance but I had to write him two more times as the communication kept on passing through my box.He later obliged but not before Julius Masimba Musodza called me a fat mess for asking that my email address be removed from some communication I didn’t want to be involved in.

And on Monday the same Martin Chinyanga Da William who called me revolutionary ,human rights activist is now calling me a Cyber bully.He never communicated with me after I refused to join their Govt in exile,only to hear a well wisher saying a Martin Chinyanga Da William had written a status that I was arrested for terrorising ZANUPF thugs  and am behind bars.

Back to my haters who got involved in this mess just because they hate Viomak for exposing them or for denouncing their master Mugabe.Responding to Martin Chinyanga Da William was ZANUPF man George Ruzvidzo Manyika’s happy voice.The man who hate me a lot and well known for visiting Qubekani Ndlovu’s wall to denounce me whenever Qubekani raises an issue against Viomak.Qubekani is Barbara Nyagomo’s friend in hate and spreading malicious lies.At one time in 2010 George Ruzvidzo Manyika spread lies on Qubekani’s wall giving me new names as he struggled to expose me to other zanupf thug. The kind of ZANUPF man who will laugh at my death.So this man is well known for using this tactic of joining those denounceing me whenever he sees people denouncing me without even bothering to know why I am being denounced as happened in this case and many others.

Going over the comments I was not surprised to see Dee Jay Simba’s comment.Dee Jay Simba is head of Zimonline radio the said ZANUPF project that I exposed a few weeks ago.The same man who phoned me on 24 December denouncing me for calling ZANUPF CIO boss Saviour Kasukuwere a murderer on his radio station.Dee Jay Simba and Saviour Kasukuwere are said to be personal friends after having worked together in president Mugabe’s office.

Mercy Ngwenya Makoni’s comment is typical of haters.As Barbara ‘s friend what more can she say.This is a woman you see commenting on facebook that Zimbabwe needs a woman president but she has never shown support for ZIDELE a good sign that she doesn’t like Viomak but she wants a woman president in Zimbabwe.The type of woman whose true colours are seen after analysing the way she writes.My inner feelings about her have always been she hates me but for what I  don’t know,but I have always suspected petty women jealousies.Her comments in this issue made me feel pity for her.

Then the woman herself.Habitual malicious liar Barbara Nyagomo.As if she is not tired of lying.I terrorised her for one year?Terrorise her for what?This is the same woman who lied that GCNW transfered Tare donated funds into a private account, so she wanted me to say yes money was transfered into a private account and let her get away with her malicious lies.

Then the ZANU PF man George Manyika went on to say that one Musara who also opposes ZANUPF is a bully.This George Ruzvidzo Manyika is the man who came to provoke and terrorise me on my wall now and again  until I warned him to stop it and started deleting some of the comments he wrote on my wall.He went away after I started exposing intolerant political thugs.

Their party ended after I exposed them for speading malicious lies after which I wrote the status quoted by Martin Chinyanga Da William at the bottom.What our haters can do.I have not met any of the two malicious liars Martin Chinyanga and Barbara Nyagomo and I wonder why they can’t just leave me alone and move on with their lives.

 Ruzvidzo G Manyika ndiani iyeye ?

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  • Martin Chinyanga Da William haaaaaaaaa, chero maziva

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  • DeeJay Simba Let us all learn lesson here. Internet is a fantastic medium to communicate and socialise and we must not use it to falsely and malisciously attack one another. WE ARE ALL ZIMBABWEANS, ONE FAMILY & ONE COMMUNITY. When you attack someone, let your conscience tell you of their grief and pain and also know it is wrong, immoral, unjust & unethical.

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  • Mercy Ngwenya Makoni Poor Vio Mak, please understand, she probably was batling something, this world has forces..

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  • Barbara Nyagomo DeeJay Simba I am going to copy this to my status she terorrised me for a year via facebook and her website paper

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  • Ruzvidzo G Manyika kwasara Jones Musara. Ziva mutemo if you want to lead kwete kungouya paFB netuhasha twako twemudzimu washaya anobvisa nyota.

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  • Ruzvidzo G Manyika ‎@Mecy NM, we are ALL in some kind of battle, but that should never be an excuse to commit crime. We always say, let’s agree to disagree, ukatyora mutemo unotsvairwa. Remember UK, USA and these other western nation take such matters very seriously and the jail terms are quite stiff. Hakusi kwaSadza.

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  • Martin Chinyanga Da William i agree with you Ntini, Musara, does not provoke, like this ldy who was nicked,,, musara, has more words and power in critics, the only weapon most people do not have… but i also disagree with him in some issues, but he is totally different ,,,i hope ruzvidzo was supposed to say chapfukidza chapheka or daren gazza.,, these are the people who might need to be visted by bad boyz.

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  • Martin Chinyanga Da William thought chapfukidza is a cyber name…which gives me such concusion..i talk with him..but he is hiding identity like the lady who was taken by 4 armed police.

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  • Ruzvidzo G Manyika

    ‎@Mkoma Joseph, Jones Musara is a bully to me. On countless occasions he has accused me of crimes against my fellow countrymen due to my political allegiance and if that is not bullying then explain it to me. Like you say, he is a gentleman… and a scholar, the same also applied to viomak to some quarters but she bullied someone, who took offence and pressed charges. I agree we do not see eye to eye on several issues but to accuse me of murder, rape, kidnapping amongst other henious crimes due to my surname and province of origin is wrong, no matter who does it. And for the record these are my real names.See more
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  • Ruzvidzo G Manyika Again for the record, i do not have a problem with Darren Gazza or Chapfukidza Chapfeka. They are also gentlemen to ME. We egage robustly but with maximum respect for each other.

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  • Ruzvidzo G Manyika Point taken akoma. Let sleeping dogs lie, tinoti hadzirime changamire.

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  • Ruzvidzo G Manyika Gudo guru, not shumba. Respect!

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  • Sidney Mukono heya nhai, i was wondering why mazuva ano news dzirikuita shoma. Matsotsi emadzimai, kwasara bhururu wacho, anoisa hundreds of fotos nemamini pafacebook, and saying ndinomirira vana vanotambudzwa. Ko mamini nemasnepi thousand ako iwe on facebook ndeeyi kana uchiita basa rekubatsira vana nemadzimai vanoshungurudzwa nevarume. Kuvhima mapound in this manner kwakaoma.

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  • Barbara Nyagomo Ha ha ha ha Ngungano ramaita pane vamwe vasipo,Mabiko amaita pane vamwe vasipo takanganisa ha ha ha muli bwanji here ashamwali panepo lol Chimbetu!

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  • Barbara Nyagomo hiii pane vamwe vasipo

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  • Barbara Nyagomo Viomak at it again please read this fresh story

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  • Sidney Mukono Hondo yeLibhiya yauya kuZimbabwe ;

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  • Martin Chinyanga Da William heeeeeeee pwipwipwi…iyi yaoma,,, ko ngaataurirwe ka kuti a activate, tione akasaswera araramo muchikurubi che ku holloway woman’s persons , kwedu north london uko..

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  • Barbara Nyagomo Manje sindiziwa kuti vali paHolloway Women Prison apa Amaineee

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  • Martin Chinyanga Da William

    Martin Chinyanga Da William HONDO IYA YABATA BARBARA HONAIWO VANHU, ZVINOITWA NA LEADER WE KU ZIDELE… SURE KUITAVO HERE UKO….Zimbabwe Development Leaders Zidele.I have just been told that Renowned malicious liar BARBARA NYAGOMO who is a well known hater has gone on… a spree to spread lies that Viomak has been arrested by British police who raided her home for exposing ZANUPF terrorists on facebook after she failed to access my personal Viomak FB account which is deactivated.Nothing like that ever happenned.I am very well and free from trouble.Shows how far our haters can go.
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