My hater malicious liar Qubekani Ndlovu spreading lies about my arrest


The same woman who spread malicious lies that I had sent thugs to kidnap her when she visited Zimbabwe is back again with malicious lies that I may be facing questioning for exposing ZANUPF terrorists on facebook.Signs of a sick and desperate mind. 

My personal Viomak facebook account is just DEACTIVATED and I am very well and doing my activism as usual as I work on Zimbabwe Development leaders political party .I have not spoken to any British police questioning me about exposing ZANUPF terrorists on facebook.Exposing political terrorists is not a crime but my haters like Qubekani can’t wait to see me fall down.Stop day dreaming and wishing for my downfall Qubekani.I am here and very energetic as ever.Nothing will stop me from doing my activism and exposing political terrorists.

People are missing my unique activism on facebook and my haters are praying for my downfall.ZANUPF thugs are enjoying temporary freedom because they know if I am not there no one else exposes them. I am not down my haters.I will be back soon if you need me.Why do people treat facebook like their second home where people are supposed to be.If you are one of my haters rejoicing over my fake downfall please add Zimbabwe Development Leaders ZIDELE as a  facebook friend and see if you don’t talk to me.

To read more about why Qubekani Ndlovu hates me click the following link which is one of the many stories that were published last year to expose her lies and her efforts to bring me down after I advised her not to force Betty Makoni from publishing some pictures of Zimbabweans needing help on her facebook wall. 

Below is her statement on  facebook spreading malicious lies about my arrest and some comments by others including a comment by a known ZANUPF supporter Nhamo Musarira who is my well known hater.The comment by a Tendai Chikandura is an obvious case of one of my haters who visited my facebook wall with a hidden agenda only to face stiff resistance and he ended up blocking me.He wanted me to take his foolish advice which I was not prepared to take as it was not helpful to me in anyway.Since that day he hated me for refusing to take his silly advice.I am not surprised that he is dining with my enemies.A waste of time. 

Qubekani Ndlovu
Mumwe asipo ndiViomak. Apparently her facebook account has been disabled and she may be facing questioning, not sure over what but apparently Scotland Yard, British Police are involved.
    • Qubekani Ndlovu Try looking for her profile bro and look at posts from some who know her here.

      22 March at 20:15 ·
    • Bryan Mpofu Its very bad hey

      22 March at 20:17 ·
    • Wade Armstrong Jd Who’s viomak?wots on his post?

      22 March at 20:24 ·
    • Qubekani Ndlovu Wade if you havent encountered the woman you are a lucky man, she has been on facebook and appears to have suddenly dissappeared. You havent missed anything,so do not seek to know her.

      22 March at 20:26 · 
    • Bryan Mpofu I have missed her I was surprised not to see her comments on fb

      22 March at 20:27 ·
    • Marian Kirk Was that a real person/cyber GHOST / BULLYING others?

      22 March at 20:31 · 
    • Hope Mandiopera She stil on fb

      22 March at 20:53 ·
    • Wade Armstrong Jd Wot dd she do?????I wana knw plz

      22 March at 20:54 ·
    • Tendai Chikandura I became friends with her on FB & on our first encounter she subjected me to abuse such that I just immediately removed her.Sadly, she seemed to be a person who didnt want others to hold views contrary to hers.

      22 March at 20:59 · 
    • Nhamo Musarira seems there is a celebration going on Qube ha ha ha ha ha . the lady really had terrorised many looking at the number of comments in support of happened to her. I found her to be one of those ignorant people with some mental issues.

      22 March at 21:08 · 
    • Collen Mupazviriho my sister wooo hahahahahahahaaha

      22 March at 21:08 · 
    • Stanford Z-TahrirSq Chibanda she was an alter ego of zanupf thugs..

      22 March at 21:15 ·

      Barbara Nyagomo Ha ha ha ha Ngungano ramaita pane vamwe vasipo,Mabiko amaita pane vamwe vasipo takanganisa ha ha ha muli bwanji here ashamwali panepo lol

      22 March at 22:11 · 
    • Collen Mupazviriho dindingwe kana rokwevewawo panosara wet hahahahaha

      22 March at 22:17 · 
    • Nhamo Musarira ha ha ha matanga manje onza

      22 March at 22:17 · 

      Barbara Nyagomo Tionana Amayi yendani bwino ! ha ha ha ha

      22 March at 22:25 · 
    • Collen Mupazviriho hamba kahle dadewethu hahahahaha

      22 March at 22:27 · 

      Barbara Nyagomo MaZezuru ndati tichaonana Amai endayi zvakanaka ha ha ha

      22 March at 22:28 · 
    • Sidney Mukono another battle: Hondo yeLibiya; Libya battle

      22 March at 22:31 · 

      Barbara Nyagomo Atanga!

      22 March at 22:31 · 
    • Shalton Yotham Ngwenya GOOD RIDDANCE ,She sectioning under mental health act!!

      22 March at 22:34 · 

      Barbara Nyagomo Everyone read news link supplied by Sidney you are all featuring this whole thread lol

      22 March at 22:36 · 

      Barbara Nyagomo Collen uripo picture zvese amaineee

      22 March at 22:49 · 

      Barbara Nyagomo Sindiziwa kuti Abulul vali paHolloway Women Prison apa Amaineee

      22 March at 22:49 ·
    • Marian Kirk Ndi anger outbursts /tantrums ameneyo.She needs a rapid appropriate support .

      22 March at 22:56 · 

      Barbara NyagomoMarian Kirk,Amayi vali kufuna chimbudzi kana Dokotela

      22 March at 23:24 · 

      Barbara Nyagomo Muli bwanji Mabululu? ha ha ha ha muli mupepa futi lol

      22 March at 23:29 · 
    • Marian Kirk Sob sob sob panyuzupepa futi.Dai ndakadzidza nyuzupepa ndichiverenga ndega.

      22 March at 23:38 ·

      Barbara Nyagomo Press release from the lady’s political party:

      22 March at 23:38 ·

      Barbara Nyagomo

      Zimbabwe Development Leaders Zidele
      I have just been told that Renowned malicious liar BARBARA NYAGOMO who is a well known hater has gone on a spree to spread lies that Viomak has been arrested by British police who raided her home for expos…ing ZANUPF terrorists on facebook after she failed to access my personal Viomak FB account which is deactivated.Nothing like that ever happenned.I am very well and free from trouble.Shows how far our haters can go
      22 March at 23:39 · 
    • Tendai Chikandura

      I have seen the link by Sidney wherein this lady is now attacking me again.I never attempted to give her advise as I hardly knew her but was just stating my views on the issue she raised which views I am entitled to as another human being.I… am really not concerned about her Fb postings coz I disengaged from her after that first encounter when I realized we were operating at different levels.As for haters or enemies she has, that has nothing to do with me coz I was never involved in the creation of those relationships but I also wish to make it clear that noone, including this lady, has no right to dictate to me who I should be friends with on Fb or in real life.I will not be making any further comments on her postings as they don’t add value to my life.Wow.
      22 March at 23:45 · 
    • Tendai Chikandura Oops !!! “No right” should read “any right”

      22 March at 23:48 ·

      Barbara Nyagomo Viomak now attacking from this page lets all report to facebook I shall print and take it to the police

      22 March at 23:48 · 
    • Marian Kirk Anyway it takes maturity to behave in certain situations. She must have style of leadership that motivates majority of pple.She is not everyone’s cup of tea,@ she’s not my cup of tea..I was happy that her account has been deactivated coz she bullied other pple zviri unnecessarily .Her being a leader she lacks coercive @ diplomacy.her ways of communication were irritating.

      22 March at 23:54 · 
    • Brian Yalisi Another dictator bites the dust! I got a feeling this is gona be a gud gud year!

      23 March at 05:41 ·  
    • John Mokwetsi This one i am making a story out of. Just stating facts as written here.

      23 March at 07:40 ·
    • Charles Tmj Dube pwipwipwi. This lady is daring.

      23 March at 08:14 · 
    • Godfrey Mungazi mumwe aka………….

      23 March at 08:36 ·