Mugabe converts Harare into military base

Two of our comrades Lungisani Mafuta from Gweru, and Prosper Makwarimba from Glen Norah were arrested at around 1250hours for what they said suggestive clothing.

They were both putting on red T-Shirts. Lungi’s T-Shirt was labelled I luv My Zimbabwe and Prosper’s was labelled Zimbabwe for Zimbabweans.
Since morning, no real march, protest, or demonstration has allowed to take off. People are not being allowed to walk or sit anywhere in groups of more than five people.

They are either being dispersed verbally or there will be "some company" joining them to hear what they are talking about. We have also seen cases of people being forced to remove their T-Shirts and shirts as they are being labelled suggestive.
Only zanu pf regalia and those with such messeges like "no to violence", "zimbabweans are not Arabs", are freely in a suspciously sponsored manner. Will update you later. But dont lose hearts comrades.
The status quo in Harare represents a well sent signal to the regime. It’s not the end! It’s just the end of the beginning!!! Alluta Continua!!!