Formation of revolutionary command council- Zimbabwe Million Citizen March



The Zimbabwe Million Citizen March concept was created and brought into life by a group of concerned Zimbabwean citizens who, having seen THE PEOPLE taking their own destiny into their hands and triumph in Egypt and Tunisia, realised that Zimbabwe was not different, and the time had come for THE PEOPLE to reclaim their destiny.The overriding objective of the group, therefore, was to enable the people to organise a peaceful mass demonstration of their displeasure, with the hope that the regime under the guise of the GNU, but in reality a creature designed to mask Zanu PF’s illegitimacy, would listen. Instead, we have seen the regime deploy armed military and police details (not armed with teargas guns..armed with AK rifles and tanks!) in a clear demonstration that the regime is ready, willing and able to go the Libya route to stop the people from even dreaming of expressing their anger and frustration.


From the time of the first election in 1980, Zanu PF has used a combination of propaganda, brainwashing, intimidation, terror and outright genocide to overcome any resistance, perceived or actual. Thus Joshua Nkomo was portrayed as The Great Evil, a Sellout, Dzaku tsaku and the people he led were brutally massacred until he relented and joined the monster in 1987. Mugabe has mastered the art (or is it a science?) of isolating and demonising any dissenting voices, and ensuring that either they relent in order to get back into his inner circle feeding trough, or they are disposed of in an appropriate manner.

When we look at Robert Mugabe, we must realise that we are looking at genius, a very intelligent creature, but evil genius. Since well before independence, he plotted and executed a plan that saw him emerge as an undisputed, omnipotent leader of acquiescent followers. He has an efficient, well-trained killing machine which is the envy of every army on this globe called Earth. Hence the fear of military confrontation by even the most distinguished military nations.

Currently, that machinery is turned and pointed at any perceived or actual opponent to his rule, and that includes the very people he claims to act on behalf of.


The goings-on in Tunisia, Egypt and lately Libya have certainly left Mugabe and the regime rattled. Hence their swift response to the meeting planned by Munyaradzi Gwisai and company, and their move to deploy the army in the wake of calls for mass demonstrations. Looking at the responses by the three dictatorships mentioned above, it is clear that all strongmen are studying what has happened, and is happening in the countries with upheavals, and are coming up with greater levels of resistance to the calls for change. If Libya is now a bloodbath, imagine what the Zimbabwe response will be?


We as the organisers of this movement are not rash individuals simply seeking to provide rifle fodder for the army. There is no need to create martyrs when we can have living heroes. The reason why Zimbabweans have not taken to the street up to now is not because they are docile. It’s because they are intelligent. Intelligence by no means implies inactivity or cowardice, however. It means that we, like the regimes are doing, have to also adapt and come up with better, more innovative means of fighting the regime on our terms, rather than theirs.

Trying to block live bullets with bare hands and hungry voices would be an exercise in futility. It would also be exactly what the regime wants: to provide an eternal lesson to everyone never again to "attempt the impossible". So what do we do? Go back into cowed silence? Never!!!


The question that the intelligent man asks is: "where is the Achilles heel?" It doesn’t take much to realise the point of weakness. The regime thrives on being able to point guns at living targets. So the battle needs to be "bodyless". It must be a battle of ideas. It must be a war to win the hearts and minds of all citizens. Of the whole world! We must literally "pull the rug from beneath the regime’s feet". We must isolate the isolator. Convince those holding and pointing the guns that they no longer need to act against their consciences. That is the task that now confronts each and every one of us.

Looking at what has happened in Zimbabwe so far, we know that individually, even the soldiers and police are disgruntled. But because everyone is cucooned by the draconian AIPPA/POSA, each individual knows that if they rise alone, then they get mowed by the machinery. Even the soldiers have people behind them, instructed to kill them should they show any signs of wavering. If, however, everyone knows that everyone else is on the side of THE PEOPLE, it becomes easy to isolate and overcome the evildoers. So our first battle is to show that VIRTUALLY EVERYONE is opposed to the regime.

The beauty of this reverse-psychology move is that it turns the leadership’s paranoia in on itself. We know that every dictator lives in constant fear that one of his own is going to turn on him. And if that fear is multiplied manyfold?

We shall be unveiling the strategy in greater detail in upcoming installations.