Zimbabwe banned musician to release Operation Matibili album for Mugabe’s 87th birthday


The banned protest singer who has released six anti Mugabe music albums since 2006 is working on releasing her seventh  protest music album to mark the octogerian’s 87th birthday on 21 February.

Hated by many for her strong political stance against Mugabe and bad leadership in Zimbabwe, and loved by many for her effective consistent approach to Zimbabwe politics cemented by her unique protest music  ,in typical style the protest singer said the album like her other previous albums has eight songs all composed by her. Her music which captures the imagination of those who have listened to it has seen her building a huge fan base even in Zimbabwe where the music is banned.

The music album which she has named Happy 87th Birthday President R.G Matibili Mugabe (Operation Matibili ),is composed of the  songs  Operation Matibili,Simukai mese (Rise up everyone),Mugabe yeuka ( Mugabe remember) ,Mwari tinokumbira (God we ask) ,Mutongo wako (Your judgement),Dai pasina mazanupf (If there was no zanupf) ,Uchafa uri wega(You will die alone ) and Xenophobia.

Inspired by the need to have an operation to have Mugabe go, Viomak confirmed that she composed the tunes almost a year ago as she generally composes her songs in advance.

Well known for her activism and protest music that despises Mugabe’s regime, Viomak remains Zimbabwe’s only woman musician who has stood up to challenge Mugabe and ZANUPF and has remained consistent despite the failed Government of National Unity that saw the ruling party ZANUPF and opposition MDC  share power.

Even though her music is banned in Zimbabwe the voice of the voiceless singer‘s hard hitting lyrics can be heard through social media platforms like,facebook,you tube and my space in addition to her websites at www.viomakcharitymusic.com and www.viomakmusic.com and on the internet.

Undeterred and determined the singer who is also known for her political activism has remained a strong force speaking against bad leadership in Zimbabwe and her banned work is widely getting publicity on facebook which she is using as a platform to spread her work and political messages.

Viomak is certainly playing an important role in Zimbabwe’s musical history, with a style that ranges from political gospel protest music to non gospel protest music becoming a major and influential socio- political force in Zimbabwe.

The latest album like her other albums had the instruments done in Zimbabwe and it includes a re-working of the popular Zimbabwean song ‘Uchafa uri wega’ and  new material that ranges across all her unique creative  styles.

The album opens with the title track ‘Operation Matibili’ , an energetic  song based around a narrative  of operations like operation tasangana ,operation,garikai and operation murambatsvina that took place in Zimbabwe. The title track which is also the monster track of the album is just what it says, a call for an operation to get rid of Mugabe.In a worried voice Viomak asks where Operation Matibili  is as she sings that Zimbabweans have looked for operation Matibili but are not finding the operation.The song is a cry that Mugabe should go and Zimbabweans are to be at the forefront of engaging in such an operation that will see Mugabe resign from power.The song develops into an easy-going captivating beat  before it comes to an end.More like the popular Tunisia and Egypt way of handling dictators as if Viomak knew that Tunisians and Egyptians would engage in such operations in their countries.

Then comes the outstanding track ‘Simukai mese’ which is an advisory tune encouraging Zimbabweans to rise up and confront Mugabe and zanupf and demand freedom. The song starts with a heart throbbing instrumental package,over which Viomak sings her heart out in her usual sorrowful voice. The track is a gripping tune that flows into a lengthy Zimbabwean jit instrumental work-out, asking for a variety of dancing styles.

The album continues in the same refreshingly enthusiastic, driving style, with the third song ‘Mugabe yeuka’ , an upbeat traditional dance piece, that allows Viomak  to remind Mugabe of the suffering he is causing to Zimbabweans.There’s very good mbira work on the song  which sounds more like a  tribute song to the ageing dictator.

Listening to the fourth song ‘Mwari tinokumbira’ ,which is a political plea gospel piece that asks God to bless Zimbabwe with good leaders,Viomak reminds us of the importance of having good leaders who are there for the people.The song despises bad leaders in a hidden manner. Viomak’s protest music is strongly influenced by her Christian background.While Christianity may have wreaked havoc on the cultures of Africa its positive influence is a force to reckon with as it certainly has a positive musical influence.

The fifth song ‘Mutongo wako’ refers to Mugabe’s judgement day portraying in the song the day when Mugabe will be judged aggressively for the crimes he is committing. Viomak sings that Mugabe will be judged according to the crimes he committed. The song holds an interesting place on the album as it takes listeners to the day when Mugabe departs. A day that many Zimbabweans are desperately waiting for.Viomak’s lyrics are intelligently woven in a manner that grabs the attention of listeners as she reminds Mugabe that Satan has no mercy and cannot be bribed.

The next song ‘Dai pasina mazanupf’ influences Zimbabweans to think about how good life would be without Mugabe and zanupf.Viomak exploits the possibilities of life without zanupf showcasing her title as queen of Zimbabwe protest music.

The last but not least song ‘Uchafa Uri Wega’ is one of those recordings that will grow with every listening since the tune was borrowed from a popular Zimbabwean church song.With a diverse sound created from a variety of instruments and enriched by Viomak’s lyrical prowess, the song will most likely please Viomak’s fans many of who are hopeless Zimbabweans who are impatiently waiting for Mugabe to go.The song informs Mugabe that he will die alone and go alone, and those supporting his bad leadership will remain behind. The teaching in the song is that Mugabe should repent and resign.

The album is folded by the song Xenophobia,which she recorded to highlight the suffering of Zimbabweans in the diaspora,particularly in South Africa where Zimbabweans and other immigrants were burnt as South Africans chased them away.Viomak confirmed that she recorded this song as a way of showing how Mugabe’s bad governance is causing Zimbabweans to suffer in some foreign lands where they are not wanted.

Popular for releasing protest sounds of the moment, Zimbabwe’s queen of protest  music confirmed on facebook that she currently has in waiting  anti Mugabe protest albums  up to age 90 and she will end her anti Mugabe musical career with her last release Happy Deathday President R.G Mugabe,that will mark the end of Mugabe’s era.

Acknowledging on her facebook page and thanking those who offered her some lyrics to use in writing some of her songs on Operation Matibili album,Viomak had this to say,

“Thanking Esther-Preciousfor donating lyrics to me.Am mixing them with my lyrics to come up with a great song to uncelebrate Mugabe ‘s 87th birthday.She has been a great sister to me.We are not related as suggested by some of my haters who are very good at spreading malicious lies about me.I met her on facebook and her BEAUTIFUL heart touched my heart and we became sisters.I love you my sis.May God keep blessing you.”

“Thanking Kenesias Dambakurima for donating lyrics to me.Am mixing them with my lyrics to come up with a great song to uncelebrate Mugabe ‘s 87th birthday.Some people thought I am Kenesias because of the support he gives to my work.I don’t know who Kenesias is and I have never met him.All I know is he is a sincere freedom fighter. You inspire me Kenesias.May the political desires of your heart come true.God bless you.”

“One song ‘Mugabe Yeuka (Mugabe remember)’ on the album Operation Matibili due to mark Mugabe’s 87th birthday has Zimbabwean man George’s input.He phoned me from the library in 2007-8 and said he was crying after listening to my song Ndofamba Nediaspora.He later wrote me a poem for lyrics and I came up with the song Mugabe Yeuka.I have never met George but I understand that he is no longer interested in politics.”

As she embarked on a facebook campaign to despise the celebration of Mugabe’s 87th birthday Viomak had thsi to say,

 “February is a very emotional and tormenting month for me.An angelic son named Gabriel at birth turned into a devilish monster murdering, torturing and burning Zimbabweans so that he can remain in power.He is turning 87 years on 21 February 2011 .One of his dangerous thugs Saviour Kasukuwere is reported to have masterminded the recent violence in Harare.He is here on facebook.He blocked me after I demanded answers.”

“It’s ok you can celebrate Mugabe’s 87th birthday on 21 February 2011 but I will not be part of such irresponsible celebrations.This man & his thugs have destroyed Zimbabwe.You don’t need anyone to tell you.The evidence is there for you to see.Some of his thugs,Saviour Kasukuwere & Walter Mzembi are here on facebook but you waste your time playing with them instead of asking them about those they murdered.”

“If you had the chance to look at the images in the videos I posted on my wall and you still support Mugabe & ZANUPF may I take this opportunity to tell you that you are hard-hearted.Moyo wako idombo.You cannot tell me that the pain suffered by those beaten up,tortured,burnt and murdered by Mugabe does not affect your heart.Celebrating Mugabe’s birthday means celebrating the death of your fellow citizens.Think again.”

“February is a very sad & disturbing month for me.Working on protest music album OPERATION MATIBILI.On 21 February 1924 a loving mother Bona Mugabe gave birth to a lovely and innocent baby boy & named him GABRIEL.She had in mind the Bibilical angel.The angel soon turned into a DEVIL whose hands are dripping with blood of innocent souls.If mother Bona was alive today I don’t know how she would be feeling.Rest in peace.”