Zimbabweans Protest to Demand The End of The 31-year Rule By the Iron-Fisted and Corrupt Dictator Robert Mugabe


WHAT: Mass Protest – Zimbabwe Million Citizen March

WHEN: Tuesday, March 1st, 11:00 AM.

WHERE: Harare Gardens, Harare, Zimbabwe and Countrywide

The protest is intended to demand the immediate cessation and an end to the dictatorial regime misruling Zimbabwe. In addition, the mass demonstrations countrywide will convey anger and concern about the suffering of Zimbabweans from brutal economic, military, political and social repression under the regime of Robert Mugabe, who has been in power since 1980.

Inspired by the revolution for democracy by the people of Tunisia and Egypt, Zimbabweans urge the pro democracy and freedom loving people across the globe to stand together and demand the immediate removal of Dictator Robert Mugabe and his cronies.

Zimbabweans will demand:

1) Robert Mugabe’s resignation, regime change

2) An end to political violence and all repressive policies

2) Recognition and respect of the rights of freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and freedom of association and the press

3) Recognition and respect of the legitimate role of Zimbabwe human rights defenders and civil society activists and organizations

4) Freedom, Justice, Fair Elections, Progress and Development

Contact:  Dr. Menoi

Email: smenoi@yahoo.com