MDC to pay Gibson Sibanda bodyguard


The bodyguard who doubled up as a security guard at the party’s Bulawayo offices, Francisco Nyoni, had approached the High Court in October last year seeking an order to compel MDC to pay him $9 416,25 granted at an earlier arbitration.

“Whereupon, after reading documents filed of record, it is ordered that the arbitral award $9 416,25 awarded by arbitrator DP Mahlaba on 11 June 2010 be and is hereby registered as an order of this court,” ruled Ndou.

The matter was referred to Mahlaba by the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare in May last year.

After the matter was argued Mahlaba ordered that Nyoni be reinstated to his post with “immediate effect” without any loss of pay and benefits from the day of his suspension.

He said in the event the party did not want to reinstate him they should pay damages in lieu of reinstatement at the prevailing scale of his grade.

Mahlaba also ordered that MDC rectify underpayments of wages to Nyoni based on the National Employment Council rates back dated to February 2009.

However, MDC reneged on the payment as agreed before the arbitrator, prompting Nyoni to approach the High Court seeking an order for the execution of the order granted by Mahlaba.