Nyaradzo Mashayamombe visits Hopley farm to see victim of child rape


A Zimbabwe woman with a big heart, Nyaradzo Mashayamombe recently visited Hopley farm to see a victim of rape.Taking after renowned  girl child rights activist Betty Makoni, Nyaradzo has decided to spend part of her life being the voice of the voiceless sexually abused girls.Home to murambatsvina (Clean the filth) victims,Hopley farm is one of the most impoverished  areas in Zimbabwe.


Photo:Nyaradzo Mashayamombe at Hopley farm

"I visited the survivor of rape at Hopley farm on Tuesday the 7th December 2010.  I saw the mother and the child and the circumstances are sad.   the child lives next door to her rapist." writes Nyaradzo .

Writing on her facebook page Nyaradzo added that, the courts granted the alleged rapist US50bail bail  and the date for first trial was set for Feb 15 2011.  

"It  is an unfair situation to the child because she is still vulnerable to the perpetrator and we wonder why the courts would allow such a harmful person to go scot free under the circumstances. This shows a gross unseriousness to the manner in which our courts are treating the issues of gilr children and rape in this country, possibly in Africa." She added.

Nyaradzo added that,

"The African leaders have ratiffied the conventions on children’s rights.On most cases they don’t waste time to sign, but they are yet to come to the reality of implementation and enforcement to attain the total meaning of what they are signing to.  Until then it could be very difficult or naive for anyone to think Zimbabwe or Africa will meet the MDGs target on gender.I would want to believe that what Mr Tendai Biti has done with the funds that have been given towards gender should also focus on training the judiciary system and enforcing such issues are taken care of and treated seriously.  One of the Senior Prosecutors indicated that the victim friendly courts that accomodate children need recording machines and a whole lot of other things.I guess those responsible would want to consider that."

Nyaradzo’s advice

In the meantime, we encourage mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters to take extra care of their children.Believe them when they report anomalies. The problem is most of the times we do not want to face reality and fear how the hectic it is to see to it that justice takes place.  Of course it will not restore your daughter to what she was but it will see justice done. It will serve other children in the same community from being harmed, or better still, it will serve your child from a series of rape.Teach your children also not to allow anyone to touch them on certain areas of their bodies, talk to them because if you don’t, you may realised that they were raped and it will already late to stp it. Let your children know that whether it is an uncle, your brother, aunts, cousins, even their brothers, or  your boyfriend, noone should touch them on certain areas on their bodies and encourage them to speak to you. Do not judge your children when they report any observations to you. Rather create a relationshp with your children whereby they can talk to you about anything. Make them believe in themselves.


This is the front of the alleged rapist.They are neighbours with the girl he raped.The man is free and living in the same neighbourhood with the child


This is the back of the alleged rapist.They are neighbours with the girl he raped.The man is free and living in the same neighbourhood with the child