Mufaro Chakabuda nominee for National RBC Women of Influence award


Mufaro Chakabuda the owner and operator of the Maritime Centre for African Dance, (MCAD) has been selected as the East Coast nominee for the RBC Business Start Up Award, 2010. She is the representing nominee of one of the most prestigious business awards in Canada.

The nominee is chosen from all of the Atlantic Provinces and includes Quebec. Mufaro’s nomination rose to the top all of the many other deserving nominees.

Mufaro was shocked when she received the phone call . “I can’t believe it, I feel as I have all ready won,” says Chudabuka, “ I am so honoured.”

She should be pleased with herself and deservedly so. The winner will be announced on November 29, 2010 at a ceremony in Toronto, Ont.

The award criteria is based on several factors, the company’s vision, entrepreneurial growth potential, its impact on the community and local economy and its entrepreneurial spirit. Mufaro Chakabuda has all of those elements and much more.

She is an inspiration, creative motivator and entrepreneur. She has followed her own destiny and her dream, while bringing many others along with her. The beauty of her culture springs forth in every class she teaches or performs.

She brings to life her African culture through dance and music.

The Maritime Centre for African Dance is the only one of its kind in Nova Scotia as well as the rest of the Maritime provinces. MCAD started as one class at the Community YMCA in 2005 and has since grown to teach more than 100,000 people within their dance camps, cultural workshops and schools.

Let’s be proud of Mufaro Chakabuda and continue to support her in her vision.

Mufaro can be reached at (902) 225-9267 or via e-mail:

Check out MCAD’s website at