Viomak responds to Barbara Nyagomo,Jordan Khumalo,Masimba Musodza,Qubekani Ndlovu smear campaign dossier 1


The dossier part 1 was emailed to her by Barbara Nyagomo  and it was  attached to Masimba Musodza , Jordan Khumalo,Qubekani Ndlovu as  witnesses who are also part of the smear campaign.Viomak’s responses are in red and the smear campaign collected data is in bold black.Viomak also confirmed that the person who compiled the data heard just 1/1000 of her life and the rest are lies,speculations and suspicions and whoever gave them the information could have heard the little bits about my movements and my life from a street corner and is a wild goose chase dossier.

"I thank all these people who are compiling this dossier about my life for preparing me well for the office of the President .All I am asking them to do is to verify the information with me otherwise they are going to be left with  eggs on their faces after realising that their dossiers are half baked and very far awya from the truth.So far so bad.I will wait for part 2 of the dossier ". She said confidently.

"My reason for agreeing to publish my responses is for people to know and learn that our enemies can create ‘bad’ stories about us and spread the lies and the rumours so as to give the public wrong information about us.That is what all smear campaigns are there for.To feed the public with malicious lies and suspicions. "Added Viomak.


Her correct name is as above a mother of 2, Girl being elder and boy younger. Maybe you might have someone with accessto ask these questins again.

I have been given many names and I am a happily married mother of 3 children and not 2 as indicated in the dossier – 1 lovely girl and 2 lovely boys .My family information was also published on  16 June 2010 here .It only shows the people compiling the dossier are not doing enough work to inform the  public .Please Barbara Nyagomo and company don’t spread lies or else no one will take seriously your dossiers.

1. When did she start being a protest musician in Zimbabwe (She never was, but tried to have cameo roles with Simon Chimbetu and Dendera kings)

I started producing protest music in 2005 when I was in Canada .I was never a protest musician in Zimbabwe.Where are they getting information about me saying I was a protest singer in Zimbabwe? My first story as a protest singer was written by Walter Marwizi of the Zimbabwe Standard and I discussed my new release with him on the phone from Canada. 

2. What was her personal relationship(s) with 2 band members of Dendera kings? (She had two relationships with two band members who eventually fell ill and are ow late-names with held for privacy)

This is a blue lie.I never had two relationships with two Dendera king band members who fell ill and are now late.For the sake of compiling an aunthentic dossier it is extremely necessary to quote their names.Even dead people have the right to be quoted in dossiers of this nature.Remember this dossier is being compiled for the President of  Zimbabwe Development Leaders.It is different from the type of dossier that would be compiled for self styled activists like you Barbara.Be serious Barbara and company. You should come up with something that should at least convince the public that you know what you are talking about and not this heresy and UNSUBSTANTIATED rumours. 

3.Can she explain why she was eventually barred from attending S Chimbetu & Dendera kuings shows. (She was clearly told that they wanted no more deaths within the group or to the larger public due to ill health as she was now on a prowl picking up young men who she would entice with money she made whilst selling books in several schools, hence the so called viomak establishments, rather it was book selling in Zim.)

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Can I please have the names of the yound men I picked up and enticed with money that I made when I was selling books.I was never a hooker .Who clearly told me that they wanted no more deaths within the group or to the larger public due to ill health ?I’m sure if Simon Chimbety hears this he will turn in his grave.Barbara when you have nothing juicy to write about me please STOP.

4. Can she explain why she targeted young men in night spots and can she shade light were they are at the moment (Unfortunately 2 of them are now late RIP-names avail, withheld RIP.)

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Why are all the people attached to me dead?I never targeted young men in night spots.I was never a prostitute.If there are any men who paid me for sex or any men I paid for sex please open up and expose my past activities as a prostitute.The dossier has to be very detailed and juicy stuff like my life as a prostitute will be very good reading.

5. Can she explain why she fled Canada and what happened to the young man who was her husband***(She fled due to the strict health check laws and disclosures. The young man having been sucked dry was threating to report her to Authorities. She somehow convienced him to go on holiday in Zimbabwe-2001 whilst she made her way to the UK and would facilitate like she had done previously for him to join her there. However this was to clear her tracks and ensure the young man-name witheld- would languish in Zimbabwe. In so doing she ensured that no report would be made in Canada. The young man is of failing health and in need of daily medication.)

I never fled Canada.I actually left Canada after I finished my Master of Education and had a valid study permit when I left.I never convinced any man to go on holiday in Zimbabwe in 2001.I actually left Zimbabwe for Canada in APRIL 2001 and I never made my way to the UK in 2001.I made my way to the UK in November 2006.What is the name of the young man I convinced to go back to Zimbabwe in 2001 whilst I made my way to the UK ?

6. Since she talks of helping those in need, has she ever helped him with his medical costs(No she does not even maintain contact now and the young man is now preopared to give his story in exchange for medical and health cover- i HAVE HIS DETAILS INCLUDING THOSE WITH OUR VERY OWN VIOLA).

Please supply details .I am an open minded person and am not used to a life of suspicions.Why are you compiling this dossier if you are not ready to provide all the necessary information. Who is this young man who I am supposed to take care of and help with medical costs?If it is an ex partner it is not my responsibilty to look after him ?Can he please get in touch with me or please supply his details in public and let me hear his story.Yes I am a charity guru and if he needs help he can contact me and I can put him on the list of those I am helping.However there is a long waiting list and adults get the last preference.

7. Did she ever frequent a herbal medicine centre in the Avenues in Zimbabwe (The herbalist confirms that she was a valued client for more than 18months and was primarily on a huge dosage of Africam potato in liquid form/chewed raw and fermented.)

When was that ?And why are the names of these people involved being withheld.I don’t remember myself frequenting a herbal medicine centre in the Avenues in Zimbabwe.Please supply more details and the name of the herbalist.Honestly I can’t remember .There is nothing to hide.If I was ill I had the right to seek medical attention and there’s no need for me to hide it.Why is visiting a herbalist to seek medical attention wrong?

8. Why is her so called charity not registered with the charity commission and what has happened to the donation received (Its a disguise for her private business)

My so called  charity is not  registered with the charity commission because I dont want to register it as a charity organisation.It is my choice to register it or not to register it  as a charity.Am I supposed to register it because Barbara Nyagomo and her ZANUPF spies want me to register it?Please find the number for charity commission to call  0845 300 0128, and tell them I am running an unregistered charity organisation .You can phone the charity commission and tell them that I said I am operating an unregistered charity organisation.Where are the donations that were donated and how much was donated?If you show me the donations that were donated,the amounts ,the names of the people, the dates and their location I will be able tell you where the donations I received went to.

Once all these photo’s have come thru I will send them for broadcast. I will also update tyou onn the new info coiming up and will expose her link with Betty Makoni and one Britavoice- Bridget Takunda also used the surname Dube at some stage.

I am patiently waiting for the photos too and I can help you with broadcasting them as long as it is not pornography.Please expose my link with Betty Makoni.I am very pleased and happy to be associated with her ,and one Britavoice I know is Bridget Tapuwa a very lovely woman in Belgium. I love both of them and our relationship is very good.Am I not allowed to have good relationships with people.Don’t you have loved ones?Is it a crime to have loved ones or is it a crime or a sin for aspiring presidents to have loved ones?