Exclusive interview with Pastor Chiguvare of People's Progressive Party


Pastor Timothy Chiguvare is a Zimbabwean opposition President whose political party will be launched in Zimbabwe in Zimbabwe.Question 1: (ZIMBABWE NEWS ONLINE) Have you ever been involved in the sale of clothing materials in Gweru? I f so did you ever collect any deposits from your clients?

“PPP” PRESIDENT : I have been the Managing director of a group of companies which were duly registered in terms of the laws of Zimbabwe and during the period between 1987 and 1997 one of my companies namely Cobra And The Wild Cat (Pvt ) Ltd had exclusive rights as the sole distributor of  top of the range upholstery and curtaining fabrics to furniture factories, upholstery shops, departmental stores throughout the SADC region and all our transactions between our company employees and clients or customers were always above board (purely business)  “The allegation that : I, in my  personal  or in my official capacity as MD of Cobra And The Wild Cat (Pvt) LTD have conned fabric customers in Gweru, Zimbabwe that is  totally untrue and aimed at  vitiating the climate of opinion against me in person and my “NOBLE CAUSE”.  The allegation is a distortion of the truth and this persecution is politically driven, and there are allegations being made by those who are anti-change in Zimbabwe oppressing those fighting for change, such allegations cannot stop President of (PPP) People’s Progressive Party from leading millions of Zimbabweans who have taken DESTINY into their own hands fighting for change because it’s a brilliant idea.  The customers cited above from Gweru, Zimbabwe ordered from company a very small amount of less than R5 000 worth of curtaining and upholstery fabrics from a duly registered company Messrs Cobra and Wild Cat (Pty) Ltd and it was a purely business transaction and because of a political conspiracy; intimidation and corruption a huge  consignment of the same imported fabrics from Belgium valued at R500 000 which huge consignment had landed in Zimbabwe legally was seized by the rapacious ZANU “PF” government and they conspired to charge me for violating the conditions of the Import  Licence  of that consignment and was shared among senior government officials and their cronies instead of the said fabrics being sold at an auction in terms of the lawThe said customers of Gweru, Zimbabwe then lodged a complaint with the police when  company contacted them informing them the Department Of Customs And Excise had unlawfully seized  R500 000 worth of imported fabrics ,the police took their case to court but the case could not be finalized because of the involvement of very senior government officials and that caused the collapse of my  R65 million business empire which left  over  ( 3 000)  three thousand employees with no jobs because I was a victim of a state sponsored terror.

Question 2: (ZIMBABWE NEWS ONLINE) When did you become a pastor?

PPP” PRESIDENT: I became a pastor in 2005 while in South Africa, and my greatest resolution was to choose God’s word to be a ‘’STANDARD OF MY LIFE’’ because when I was going through persecution, intimidation, name calling and false arrest I had adequate opportunity try God’s armour and I found God’s armour to be very reliable, well founded, incontestable and guaranteed. And I immediately decided to be one of God’s armed generals.

Question 3: (ZIMBABWE NEWS ONLINE) Were you a pastor in Zimbabwe? 

“PPP” PRESIDENT:  While in Zimbabwe I was not a pastor but a born again Christian. I was a bona fide member of an apostolic living church namely ‘’Jowani  Masowe  yeChishanu’’

Question 4: (ZIMBABWE NEWS ONLINE) Were you ever arrested in Zimbabwe? If so what were the charges?

“PPP” PRESIDENT: Yes! I was a victim of  political conspiracy, intimidation and false arrest in Zimbabwe 1998. I was being moved from one prison to another every 21 to 30 days so that my lawyers and relatives cannot find me when they want to visit me, and in my defence case I was denied defence witnesses, I was denied my constitutional right to be afforded a free and fair trial in breach of the constitutional right guaranteed by the SUPREME LAW of Zimbabwe –(1980) some lawyers received death threats for being anxious to see that I am afforded a free and fair trial, the trial magistrate was not an independent authority and was not fit to hear my case because he was very close to my family and to my businesses, as he grew-up, because of the fact that he is an ex-war veteran, the politicians  then engaged him as an instrument designed exclusively for the personal and political use against me; the main aim was for him to ensure that I am eliminated; while some lawyers  and journalists protesting. my trial was a grotesque (ridiculously exaggerated; unreasonable; absurd; a distortion of the truth) it was politically driven; during that trial no one knew what to expect at the end of it.

Question 5: (ZIMBABWE NEWS ONLINE) We have information that you fled Zimbabwe due to your criminal activities and not political persecution is that so?

“PPP” PRESIDENT: That is totally untrue to the best my knowledge and it’s an effort to spread dirty about me because me, as an ex-senior civil servant I would have known if there was an criminal case against me or any police officers who anxious to interview or arrest me before I applied for a new passport and signed for it when it was ready for collection at Harare Passport Office. The truth of the matter is that soon after the burial of my late wife and me  being a bona fide member of M.D.C and former financial supporter of the Z.C.T.U Zimbabwe Congress of Trade union I got involved in M.D.C campaigns in Harare and discovered that my life was in danger because some M.D.C strong supporters like me  whom I knew and worked with during that campaign had been killed in Harare; and the ZANU ‘’PF’’ youth were now hunting for me accusing me for inciting political violence against their supporters .This was an effort to spread dirty about me and a direct attempt on my life which seemed likely to be repeated should I have continued to stay in Zimbabwe which direct attempt on my life seemed likely to be repeated and to be successful. I was however; persuaded that I could best serve my country by surviving and leaving Zimbabwe for a while I immediately had to go into exile.     .The allegation that I fled the country because of criminal activities is baseless and unfounded because everyone knows that I was a prominent businessman who became a victim of state sponsored terror and I have overwhelming evidence of video(s) with me here, of my mammoth business empire of which Zimbabwean provincial governors and ministers were coming in full force to officially open the said businesses well before saw me as a threat ,during which  time Zanu Pf benefited a lot  from my  business when I gave them a lot of financial support  to a political party that later turned against me and destroyed me.

Question 6: (ZIMBABWE NEWS ONLINE) You were seen at Harare Remand Prison in 1996-1997 what were the charges that brought you there? 

PPP” PRESIDENT: As explained earlier when I answered your question number 4 that in 1998 I was a victim of political conspiracy; intimidation and false arrest when ZANU ‘’PF’’ concocted criminal charges against me of violating conditions of R300 000 Import Licence which charges were only brought up for criminal trial (7) seven years in violation of the Constitution of Zimbabwe (1980) since I was not to blame or responsible for the said unreasonable delay in bringing those trumped-up charges before the courts as provided for in the law , and as provided for in the SUPREME LAW OF ZIMBABWE- (1980

Question 7: (ZIMBABWE NEWS ONLINE) Sometime in 2008 in Queenstown, South Africa you wanted to establish an orphanage and hospice but it never took off. What happened? 

“PPP” PRESIDENT: The Honourable Mayor of Queenstown and the Premier of the Eastern Cape Province and the people of Queenstown are eagerly waiting and they still support the establishment of this mammoth institution namely the R38,5 million Church Housing Trust, Healing School, Hospice and Orphanage but the delay has been caused by the Lukhanji Municipality’s Technical Department who did not have suitable land available and are still busy servicing the said land, which means that as soon as they announce that they are done with all municipal requirements, the construction of my mammoth institution starts as per this plan and these other various documents from the Lukhanji Municipality that is enough evidence that I absolutely have no control over the administration of the affairs of Lukhanji Municipality and as to how the Municipal land is serviced and allocated ……this in essence means that everything is above board as far as the administration of the affairs of the forthcoming R38,5 million Church Housing Trust, Healing School, Hospice and Orphanage. 

Question 8: (ZIMBABWE NEWS ONLINE) You claim to have a membership of 3.5 million people can you account for this membership? For example do you have a list of members or anything to that effect?

“PPP” PRESIDENT: Our political party’s data base is above board and we have geared ourselves to meet our challenges squarely and honestly. 

Question 9: (ZIMBABWE NEWS ONLINE)  Does your party membership consist of paid-up membership or free   registration?

“PPP” PRESIDENT: People’s Progressive Party consist of both paid-up membership and free registration, we welcome everybody including those who are poor because no condition is permanent, the poor and weak are the strength our political party.

Question 10: (ZIMBABWE NEWS ONLINE) Do you have a tentative cabinet as yet? If so who are they?

“PPP” PRESIDENT: During the period of OCTOBER-NOVEMBER 2010 on an official date to be announced soon, and on that date the names of the said tentative cabinet will be announced and some will be present to deliver speeches.

Question 11: (ZIMBABWE NEWS ONLINE)  What is the location of your party’s headquarters?

“PPP” PRESIDENT: People’s Progressive Party headquarters has been in South Africa as from December 2008 and now as we prepare for our mammoth launch, we are now in the process relocating into Zimbabwe’s Capital City of Harare; The location of our party headquarters will soon be published on radio; television; newspapers; and through internet announcing the official opening of our Head office in Harare.

Question 12: (ZIMBABWE NEWS ONLINE) We have information that you are already selling party cards. Can you account for the funds collected from the 3.5 million members you already have?

“PPP” PRESIDENT: People’s Progressive Party has Structures; a Bank Account; and Auditors who are appointed as the auditors of the organisation

Question 13: (ZIMBABWE NEWS ONLINE)  We have information that you are able to disburse to families of deceased party  members. How do you intend to raise this money?

“PPP” PRESIDENT:  People’s Progressive Party has fund donated funds that has been put in place for this purpose , to restore the dignity of our people whose real value has been taken away by the ZANU ‘’PF’’ two decades ago.

 uestion 14: (ZIMBABWE NEWS ONLINE) We gather that you were imprisoned in 1998 and that time you lost some money from your businesses. What businesses?

“PPP” PRESIDENT: I owned Cobra and the Wild Cat (Pty) Ltd a duly registered company in 1987 in terms of the laws of Zimbabwe had various businesses in Harare, businesses such as: Craftsmanship Furnishers three (3) Harare furniture manufacturing factories in Masasa; Granitesite and Willowvale Industrial Site and also in Bulawayo, and employed 2500 people. Cobra and the Wild Cat (Pty) Ltd a debt collection and security company that specialised in the provision of security guards; armed escorts; surveillance; private investigation, and employed 300 security personnel.   Cobra And The Wild Cat (Pty) Ltd import-and export division that specialised in the importation of upholstery fabric; motor vehicle; tractors and various other farm and mining implements, and employed 15 people. R30 million High Tech Hardware and Commercial Hyper market official opened in Chegutu on the 19th  August 1995 by the Provincial governor and Resident Minister of Mashonaland West Dr S. Mombeshora and was covered by Z.B.C Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation represented by a Mr Obiel Mpofu Cell no :027834888565 e-mail address :mpofuo@sabc.co.za ahyper market that was selling groceries; furniture; household appliances consumer electronics; construction and mining equipment ; tractors ; motor vehicles ; stock Feeds ; hardware and clothing which included school uniforms and shoes. This departmental store, car, tractor and farm implement sales employed nearly 200 two hundred people. High Tech Electronics shops of Chegutu which were located in King Street, in Chegutu which shops specialised in household Appliances; computers; various other consumer electronics and furniture, and employed 10 people. Kwekwe Service Station which I opened in 1992 and specialised in the sale of motor vehicles; servicing of motor vehicle and sales of motor spares; and employed 15 people.   The whole world is aware that ZIMBABWE is a police state and that: “for the past 25 years the independence of Judiciary in Zimbabwe has been subverted by the executive, the judiciary can no longer be guaranteed as the guardian of people’s liberties.  The judiciary must operate in an atmosphere of freedom that ensures their safety.  There should be no interference with the judiciary work either by word or deed.”  In essence this means that:  “A WEAKENED JUDICIARY TRANSLATES INTO A WEAKENED DEMOCRACY.”

Question 15: (ZIMBABWE NEWS ONLINE)  We also gathered that when you visited farms in S.A  you realised that young women are sexually abused because they can’t get jobs. Did you report the cases to the police?

“PPP” PRESIDENT: The biggest numbers of Zimbabweans who are suffering today are women and children; the leadership of men in Zimbabwe is life threatening to women and children, those leaders of Zimbabwe and of the SADC countries, of the African Union countries have forgotten that all leaders, are born of a woman and if there were no mothers, we would not be there.