Man arrested for excreting in another man’s yard


Housebreakers are known to leave their stools at the premises of their victims.Police confirmed the arrest of Lawrence Tafira, of house number 32 in Cowdray Park, for being a nuisance.

The incident, which is still the talk of the suburb, happened at around 7.30pm on 21 June at house number 309 in the same suburb.

“I can confirm that the accused, in the company of a friend, went to house number 309 which also houses a tuckshop to buy some goodies.

“It is said the two went behind the house and the accused started excreting while his friend stood guard but he was caught in the act by one of the occupants who later went to inform others inside the house and the complainant gave chase and managed to apprehend the accused,’’ said Bulawayo province police spokesperson, Inspector Mandlenkosi Moyo.

He said while the complainant and others were chasing the accused, his companion proceeded to remove the stool in a bid to conceal evidence.However, the accused was taken to a police sub-station in Cowdray Park where he was detained and released the following day after paying a US$5 fine.

The Sunday News visited the house where the incident occurred and interviewed the house owner, Mr Phillip Matina, who was still trying to come to terms with the strange incident. Mr Matina said he suspected it could be an act of witchcraft.

“I am still puzzled but I strongly suspect that these are the same culprits that left their stools about a month ago and at that time we thought it was a cat which had messed up. In this case I can’t rule out witchcraft,’’ Mr Matina said.

However, Tafira (accused) refuted the allegations levelled against him saying it was a case of mistaken identity as he had passed by the gate after buying cigarrettes while the occupants of the house were in an altercation with an identified man over a similar issue.

A herbalist and traditional healer from Makokoba high-density suburb, Mr Peter Ndlovu, said stool laced with traditional herbs is used mostly by housebreakers.

“Stool laced with herbs is used mostly after housebreakers have stolen. This is one way of concealing evidence which might lead to the apprehension of the culprits.

“However, the thieves might leave stools before they strike as a way of casting a spell on their victim to ensure that when they pounce, the victim won’t hear anything during a break-in,’’ said Mr Ndlovu.