Security guard shaken after making love to a ghost


The security guard, Tirafalo Mokopi, 21, of Matsiloje village is convinced that the woman was a ghost and says: “We were just chatting after having sex and when I lit a match, she was nowhere to be found.”

Traumatized, Mokopi who picked the strange woman last Monday near the BZ cemetery, was shocked when he found himself alone in bed after his new lover unceremoniously disappeared from the house.

The young man, who rents a house in Phase IV location in Francistown, revealed that upon checking the door he realised that it was still locked and the windows un-tempered, but no sign of his date.

The still shaken man, however, recalled that the woman earlier on warned that he should not put any source of light on, while they were together, something which he ignored until the miracle happened, right in his bed.

“She warned me when we entered the house that I shouldn’t put on the lights. I only had the biggest fright of my life when she melted into thin air shortly after I lit the matches,” a fear gripped Tirafalo told The Voice and revealed: “The following day when I tried to call the mobile number she gave me, it was off.”

Mokopi who works for Grace Security Company said it all started two weeks ago when he met this beautiful woman, in the evening at BZ location near Monarch, after knocking off late from duty.

“I was walking home when I met this beautiful woman. After chatting for a while I proposed love to her and she accepted me.

He continued: “She gave me a mobile number but every time I dialed it, it was always off until the day she called and asked me to meet her at the same place we met before,” Mokopi related his bizarre brief love affair with the strange woman.

He said it was at this second meeting that the strange woman agreed to accompany him to his rented house where they indulged in sex.In the middle of the night Mokopi forgot the girl’s warning and struck a stick of match and then realised that he was now alone in the house.

“Since that day, I can’t even sleep,” He said. The young man said he had sex with the strange night lady once using a condom.

Asked for the name of the lady. Mokopi noted that he called her ‘babe’ or ‘sweetie’ on the two days they met. He was hoping to take the relationship to another level, when he found himself in the strange incident.