Govt pays Brazil team US$3 million to practice in Harare


The payment is an insult to the suffering and overtaxed Zimbabweans."

Mugabe doesn’t care about normal Zimbabweans. He doesn’t look at the people as he speeds down roads in the country in his motorcade. He is too busy living life as a exceptionally wealthy person. He has no need for the people – even in elections as his party just re-engineer the results anyway.

This US$3 million – which is just the tip of the iceberg – could and should have been used to pay for much more than a football game. But Mugabe organised this game as he wants to appear the benevolent leader. How far from the truth that is!

"I was shocked and also disappointed at the news that the Brazilian football team had arrived in Zimbabwe to play a friendly match with our Warriors, before the World Cup begins.

The shock and disbelief wasn’t because that the Brazilians were in town, but what brought them to Zimbabwe. I’m sure if people knew the truth about what had taken place behind the scenes, they wouldn’t have been so impressed or let alone excited at hosting the five time World Cup winners.

We are struggling to make ends meet here in Zimbabwe and the last thing that I would expect to hear was that our government paid the Brazilian football team US$3 million to come to Zimbabwe and that doesn’t even include other costs such as travel, accommodation, food and translators.

Even the Prime Minister was excited about hosting the Brazilians at our cost. What happened to the Tsvangirai who promised us a responsible government, accountability in government and fairness across the board? This guy is truly a clown. Now back to the real issue! What happened to the educated individual of Zimbabwe?

An educated and responsible citizen wouldn’t let such a thing like this happen especially when there is so much poverty and unfairness in this country. Where did the government get the money to pay this football team? Why did they decide to spend that much amount of money on a football team, and not on services that benefits or serves the average man or woman in Zimbabwe? Why was it not spent on education of fund university tuition fees for children from a poor background who excelled in high school?

People of Zimbabwe we are being treated like pigs who have to scrounge for food in dirt. We shouldn’t be excited about such things that undermine our suffering in the face of evil and oppression, instead we should rise up and drag these oppressors out of office and elect a new government of Unity, Responsibility and accountability to solve our problems. It is time to rise up.

Mugabe has such a hold on power that he can do whatever he wants, and has no care for the consequences. Running up debts is a favorite passtime, while he also maligns the West for not lending him money, releasing aid or just has a go at them becuase he hasn’t done it for a few days…