Tiger Woods confesses to cheating with 121 women


However, with all of the women that Woods slept with, there was one that angered Elin the most. The one that he left off the list of affairs that prompted Elin to pack her things and move on in her life without Tiger. The one woman, more like girl, was Raychel Coudriet, reported the National Enquirer.

Who is Raychel Coudriet? She is now 22 and the young neighbor that lives in the same Orlando, Florida area gated community as Woods, where she claims Tiger supposedly seduced and slept with her on his office couch at the home he shard with Elin.

After learning about Woods hooking up with his very young neighbor, the Swedish supermodel Elin lashed out at Tiger.

 “This is the worst betrayal ever!” Nordegren screamed over the phone as Tiger Woods was dining out with friends at the Masters tournament earlier this month.

“I can’t believe you had sex with that girl in our own neighborhood. That’s it … I’m divorcing you.”

The Enquirer’s source told the tabloid, “she was screaming so loudly that everyone at the table could hear what she was saying.”

“Tiger tried to deny it,” the source claimed. “But Elin yelled at him, ‘You’re lying! You’re always a liar! You’re a piece of $#!%.”

After that, Woods told Nordegren, “We’ll talk about it later” and then hung up on her. When she called him back, he hung up again, and then went on with the rest of his meal.

Until now, Elin Nordegren has not commented on anything publicly about her husband’s issues, nor has she explained how Woods managed to seduce so many women without her knowing anything over the years.

Woods has been trying to prevent Nordegren from leaving him – and taking their two kids and a big chunk of his fortune. Yet as we have reported, she may take anywhere from $500 million to $600 million of his fortune through a divorce.

“The one mistress Tiger Woods never wanted exposed was Raychel,” the source told the tabloid. “He knew that she would be the one-night stand that could utterly destroy his marriage.”

 This source seems to be spot on, as Elin seemed to be willing to see it all through with Tiger as he self-admitted himself into sex therapy and was committed to changing his evil ways, yet as soon as this story broke on the dawn of the Masters, everything seemed to go a 180 on the couple’s relationship.

What will happen to the Woods and Nordegren marriage? We’ll just have to wait and see…