Man sodomises sick three year old boy


The saga became public knowledge a fortnight ago after a neighbour caught the man (whose name we will withhold to protect the identity of the minor) in the toilet of their house busy sodomising the infant, who is reportedly not well.

Approached for comment, the boy’s 36-year-old aunt who is apparently ill and can hardly walk, confirmed the incident but, however, begged this reporter not to write the story or even report the matter to the police.

“This is his second time to do such a thing but this time we thoroughly canned him and I’m confident that he won’t do it again. But please, my son, I beg you, don’t publish the story because he will be arrested and rot in prison. Besides, he is an orphan, this time I promise to tightly monitor him,’’ said the ailing aunt before sobbing bitterly.

In an interview with a Sunday News crew that visited the home last Saturday, the accused man surprisingly admitted that he has been sodomising the infant since October last year.

“Yes, it is true that I was caught ngisenza umtwana. I have been doing this since last year and I have been taking advantage of power cuts where I will take the boy to the toilet and enjoy myself,’’ he said.

The young man revealed that in each encounter he used condoms which he got from Emakhandeni Clinic. A neighbour, Miss Sifiso Mpofu, said at around 7pm a fortnight ago, when there was no electricity, she heard noise of a crying child coming from a toilet. Upon arrival she found the young man sodomising his three-year-old cousin while putting on a condom.

“I didn’t believe what I saw. At that moment I beat him up until he disclosed that it was not his first time to do such a thing but unfortunately his aunt doesn’t want the case to be reported to the police.

“We are now living in fear that our children will also be victimised because it seems it has become a habit and we feel he should be jailed for the safety of our children,’’ she said.

The woman’s daughter, who is looking after both her mother and her cousin, said her mother was blocking efforts to report the matter to the police.
Contacted for comment, Councillor Nduna Dladla of Emakhandeni, said he was not aware of such happenings.

“I haven’t heard of such an abuse. It seems his parents just swept it under the carpet and I’m glad you have brought it to my attention and we will notify the police because this is a criminal matter, which we cannot ignore,’’ he said.

Clr Dladla said it was sad that some parents were still secretive even on issues that should not be tolerated in any society.Emakhandeni Residents Association secretary, Mr Walter Malaba, expressed concern over the issue, which he said he was also not aware of.

“As a residents committee we are not aware of this. Fortunately, we have our meeting today and we will have the opportunity to map the way forward but what I can say is that the boy will rot in jail. There are so many girls here what is his problem?’’ he remarked seemingly alarmed.

Last week, this paper carried an article about a prominent cricket selector, who was involved in a similar scandal with young men and boys that he is keeping at his house in Malindela.