Conor Walsh admits he loved me after facebook torment

Today two messages dropped in my email box ,one from a well wisher and another one from Harriet (my publicity).They said a CONOR WALSH had started a thread about me and that the thread had been copied to Zenzele Ndebele, Shalton Yotham Ngwenya, Noreen Welch El Cocodrilo and Sitha Ngwenya.

But why would CONOR WALSH be involved in all this ,I asked myself since I don’t know who Conor Walsh is for I have not discuseesd any topic with him.I don’t remember .I know Zenzele Ndebele ,Shalton Yotham Ngwenya, El Cocodrilo Sitha Ngwenya , and Liberty Bhebhe are the Ndebeles who are dying to have me dead for writing a song about gukurahundi but why is CONOR WALSH involved in all this I pondered .As I was trying to figure out how Conor Walsh could have come into this I received a phone call from a male colleague .The voice said,

" I see Conor Walsh has started a thread about you but he seems to have been bought by those Ndebele men who are after you".

The collegue gave me instructions on how I could get to the message since Conor is not on my FB friends’ list.I managed to get to the thread but I couldn’t comment so I had to add Conor as a friend so that I could get in to comment.Within a short time he accepted the friendship after which I went in to leave my comments asking who he was and why he was attacking me and getting inloved in issues he don’t know anything about.He kept saying he knows me and I kept explaining to him that I can’t remember ever meeting him and I don’t know him.

I told him what I thought he had to hear, and feeling defeated he blocked me so this meant I couldn’t post comments on the thread anymore and what does he do? He started writing me messages in my inbox and as I was about to get convinced that he could be on deadly drugs as I KEPT ON WONDERING WHY HE WAS DOING THIS TO ME he shocked me through the message below.


Conor Walsh April 4 at 1:26am Reply
Vio I never said a bad word about you. At newzimbabwe I supported you ceaselessly. Actually you know I loved you.


Now I understand why CONOR WALSH victimised me today.It has nothing to do with Gukurahundi song.I am sure his message will put to rest the thoghts of all those who were failing to understand where his anger is coming from.Yes I used to contribute a lot on newzimbabwe forum and I didn’t know he was my secret admirer.CONOR WALSH you don’t hate a woman for your failure to tell her that you love her.Do the right thing and apologise .

Thank you so much everyone who helped me out. Mike Bennett ,Graham Stevenson ,Bridget Tapuwa may God bless you and may you continue speaking what you know about me.


Below is the original message by Conor Walsh that prompted my well wishers to get in touch with me .

“Please someone. Tell me this is not ZimBum trying it on again? As far as I can understand this man Viomak has accused the likes of Shalton Ngwenya and Zenzele Ndebele of being tribalists for opposing tribalism. In addition he has accused others of being CIO shortly before some idiot made the same charge against me and …then "expelled" me from Fesibhuku. Please Zimbabweans. Let us try to control our idiots. They make us all look like zvichupeti… hk hk hk Zenzele Ndebele Shalton Yotham Ngwenya Noreen Welch El Cocodrilo Sitha Ngwenya .“