Self proclaimed prophet Ericanos Marufu rapes patient


Prophet Ericanos Marufu of Marufu village under Chief Nhema in Zaka raped a 20-year-old girl in a bush after he had asked her to accompany him to a called Gumbo to look for holy water that he wanted to use to cure the girl’s ailment.

Inspector Tinaye Matake the police spokesperson for Masvingo province confirmed the incident.He said sometime last week the girl asked her younger sister to accompany her to the prophet.

When they got to the prophet’s home he advised them that they had to go and look for holy water that was going to be used to cure the girl. They, however, left the younger sister at home while they went to the area called Gumbo where the prophet said they would get the holy water.

While on their way they decided to take a rest and sat in the shade of a tree in a bushy area. Marufu then proposed love to the girl and told her that he would marry her and pray for her problems to end but the girl turned down his proposal.

Marufu, however, could not take it lightly so he raped the girl.He then threatened her that her problems would multiply if she disclosed the rape to anyone.The girl however did not give heed to the threats and went home where he reported the offence to her parents who in turn told her to report the case to the police in Zaka leading to the arrest of Marufu.

“We received a report of that nature where police in Zaka arrested a self-proclaimed faith healer who raped his patient in a bushy area when they were on their way to look for holy water that the prophet said was going to use to cure the girl of her problems. He is in police custody assisting us with investigations and will be taken to court soon,” said Inspector Matake.