Tiger Woods paid 19th mistress £300 000 for silence


The cheating golf superstar fixed the golden kiss-off for Emma Rotherham to set her up for life after she vowed NEVER to talk about their torrid fling.

The stunning 42-year-old mother of two – the 19th Tiger conquest revealed so far and the image of his wife Elin – was given the fortune in CASH. One of the love rat’s security team handed over the money in a sports bag stuffed with $100 bills.

It followed an incredible cloak and dagger operation orchestrated by 34-year-old Woods to stop curvy Emma being identified as one of his harem.

But a source close to Tiger told the News of the World: "Emma was his most recent mistress. They had a very, very passionate relationship and she has dozens of text messages and emails from him. Some were even sent while Tiger was trying to patch things up with his wife Elin.

"If those came out they’d bury him. He absolutely adored Emma and loved the sex. So did she.

"And as she lived near his Florida home in Isleworth she was always on call. They were at it all the time. Emma said Tiger was a great lover. But he never wore a condom, and she didn’t take any precautions.

"The 500 grand has now bought Emma’s silence and she has signed a confidentiality agreement. She’s very happy and walking round with a big grin on her face – like the cat that got the cream."

Woods – the world’s richest sportsman – kept in constant contact with Emma as he announced that he was trying to be a "better husband" to wife Elin Nordegren. All the time he was desperately trying to ensure she’d never hear about Emma, who has a daughter of 16 and another of 25.

But today the News of the World reveals all – how sex addict Woods:

ROMPED with Emma at least once a week on his office sofa.

PLEADED for saucy photos of her in stockings and suspenders.

DEMANDED she wear a wedding ring to stop men hitting on her.

REVELLED in drug-fuelled sex sessions at a top golf tournament.

Emma moved to Florida four years ago after her youngest daughter finished primary school in London but regularly flies back to visit her mum and sister.

She first met Woods at his favourite hunting ground for women, Orlando’s Blue Martini club, in May 2008. Her fabulous figure inside a tight black jump suit caught Woods’ roving eye.

Our source said: "Tiger couldn’t keep his eyes off her butt. Everyone in the room knew what was going to happen sooner or later. He sat next to her most of the evening. You could see he was making a play for her. Emma speaks very well with a posh English accent. And Tiger loved it. He thought she sounded classy and sexy."

The pair exchanged phone numbers at the end of the evening. Days later Woods contacted Emma by text and they agreed to meet at his office in Windermere.

Our insider told us: "Nothing major happened, just some kissing and fondling. But by the third meeting she and Tiger had sex on the couch. She said it was ‘awesome’."

Emma made no secret of her affair. Woods asked her not to tell anyone but she couldn’t resist boasting about her celebrity lover.

Emma got regular text messages from Woods asking her to send teasing lingerie snaps and saying: "I miss you baby."

Our source said: "Emma has a killer body and Tiger was smitten. He was always asking for sexy photos and loved her to dress in black stockings and suspenders."

Woods would also text Emma to complain about his 30-year-old wife. One message said: "Having bad day – Elin being cranky." On other occasions he’d talk about his family life. One text said: "On daddy duty today."

Woods tried to meet Emma at his office at least once a week for early morning sex – even while Elin was pregnant with son Charlie, now 11 months old.

Our source told us: "The dates were always very early in the morning – before Tiger started his golf practice.

"Emma would meet him at the office and they’d get straight down to it. Sometimes she’d complain that she wanted more from the relationship, but she wasn’t interested in becoming the next Mrs Tiger Woods."

Woods even arranged for Emma to fly to Michigan last August where he was competing in the Buick Open tournament. There he introduced Emma to drug-fuelled sex.

Our source said: "They both took the relaxant Ambien before making love. Emma was a bit hesitant but Tiger persuaded her and she said the sex was mind-blowing.

"They were at it all night. She was surprised he had the energy left to play a round of golf. But he went on to win the tournament!"

Emma stayed at Woods’ hotel but in a room reserved for his personal doctor. Our source added: "It was just along the corridor from Tiger’s room and she’d sneak down there to have sex.

"Tiger was so smitten he became very controlling and hated the thought of other men chatting Emma up. He suggested she wear a wedding ring to put them off.

"And he’d text to demand a photo of what outfit she was wearing for a night out. If he thought it was too revealing he’d get jealous and text back, ‘You can’t wear that.’ Emma ignored him but it showed he thought he was in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship."

Woods often suggested they go back to his £1.7million home when Elin was away visiting family in Sweden with baby Charlie and two-year-old daughter Sam. But Emma always refused.

Friends say that until recently she believed she was Woods’ only steady girlfriend. Then came the infamous car crash outside his home, sparking days of revelations about other women in his life, including party girl Rachel Uchitel, local waitress Mindy Lawton, porn star Holly Sampson, model Jamie Jungers and escort Loredana Jolie.

Emma sent a panicky text to Woods, who replied: "Don’t contact me. Elin is going through everything." Then the News of the World discovered the truth about Emma and she called Woods who told her he would "sort it out".

Our source said: "He told Emma to get out of town, he’d deal with it and not to worry."

A security specialist contacted Emma and arranged for a black Mercedes, with darkened windows, to whisk her away. She was driven more than 200 miles to the luxury Ritz-Carlton hotel in the beach resort Naples. A minder gave Emma an envelope containing £28,000 pocket money which he said Tiger had laid on to keep her going.

Emma’s two-night stay was paid for by the security team and booked under their name. One agent said that while there Emma had several phone conversations with Woods. She was told to stay in her room and out of sight, fearing the media was on her trail.

Our source said: "Emma was completely freaking out and didn’t want to be away from her teenage daughter. She told Tiger she would NEVER talk about their affair, but that she had to get back home to sort out her life."

Emma then moved to a rented villa on the Bay Hill golf resort near Woods’ home and was in constant contact with him.

Our insider said: "Emma was living like someone in witness protection, always looking over her shoulder, and being checked on by two security guys. But Tiger assured her he would sort her out."

Before Christmas Emma returned to her home in the Disney dream town Celebration and a week after New Year she received her final text message from Woods, telling her to meet up with one of his security team.

It was there she was handed the $500,000. The agent tried to get Emma to hand over her mobile phone holding the texts from Woods but she refused.

Our source added: "Emma has tried to contact Tiger since but hasn’t heard back. And I doubt she ever will. She was pretty confident her secret would never get out but there are just too many people who knew about the affair."

Our revelations will come as yet another shock to Wood’s devastated wife who is standing by him through therapy for sex addiction.

He checked into Pine Grove Behavioural Health and Addiction Services clinic in Mississippi on December 30. But the course’s crunch "Disclosure Day" is yet to come when Woods will be forced to face his wife and admit in painful detail every sexual dalliance.

Today that scorecard just increased by one.