Human rights lawyer Alex Muchadehama Arrested


Constance Gambara, who is a clerk to High Court Justice Chinembiri Bhunu, was arrested last week and is still being held in remand prison with her nine month old baby. She was charged with ‘criminal abuse of duty as a public officer’. The accusation is that she assisted Muchadehama in facilitating "the improper release" of MDC officials Gandhi Mudzingwa & Chris Dhlamini, and journalist Shadreck Manyere, after bail was granted for the first time.

Gambara had been granted bail last Friday, but the Attorney General’s office invoked section 121 of the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act, to appeal against this. She remains in detention waiting for the State to appeal within the time limit of seven days. Lawyers said the clerk has her child in prison with her, because she doesn’t have anyone to leave her baby with.

Muchadehama is a prominent human rights lawyer who has been representing several political and human rights activists who have all been charged with plotting to overthrow the Mugabe regime.

He was arrested at the Rotten Row Magistrates Courts at 10am on Thursday, where he was to attend to four court cases.

Meanwhile the MDC has demanded the immediate release of the lawyer saying: "The arrest has nothing to do with the rule of law, but represents the doomed persistence of those fighting the advent of change which is now upon us. It represents yet another attempt to intimidate the legal fraternity from defending human rights, which continue to be under threat despite promises of hope since the formation of the inclusive government in February."