Mutambara calls Mugabe Father Africa says Sikhala


Speaking to SW Radio reporter Lance Guma, Sikhala said that Mutambara has called Mugabe ‘Father Africa’ and ‘the best leader Africa has produced.’

 ‘This angered a lot of people, and we were ashamed to move on the streets,’ Sikhala said.

Sikhala, once aligned to the MDC led by Morgan Tsvangirai, attacked his leader calling for his immediate resignation.He also mentioned that the MDC party was brought into great disrepute due to Mutambara’s words.

‘We were asked by each and every member we met in the street; even commoners were surprised and shocked that we as an opposition political party. Do we believe in the ideological thinking that Robert Mugabe is the father of Africa? It has angered quite a number of people and also it angered some of us, that we don’t believe in the same, because we understand Mugabe as a genocidal relic, as a person who has been involved in the oppression of the people’s will, as a person who did not accept democratic electoral outcomes, as a person who has been involved in the torture of human beings.

As far as we are concerned Robert Mugabe is no different to Al Bashir, the president of Sudan who is currently being indicted for his involvement in the massacre of thousands and thousands of people who have been living in Darfur, in that Robert Mugabe has a lot of blood on his hands and we don’t accept the utterances which have cost out party,’ Sikhala revealed.

Mutambara’s utterances have been viewed to be in apparent syncrony with another controversial statement reported on the ZimEye in March in which a Mutambara supporter in America, popularly believed to be his political commisar, stated that Mutambara is ‘Zimbabwe’s Messiah’.

Zimbabwe’s Vice Prime Minister has experienced a barrage of attacks from Zimbabweans for his perceived ‘carefree’ manner of talking and a virtual pro-Mugabe attitude. Among Mutambara’s controversies is a Mugabe-style speech in which he recently stated that Mugabe’s chaotic land grab programme is irreversible’ (ZimEye, UK)