Family accepts lobola from three men


The man Mr Innocent Lunga of Sizinda has since approached his go-between to reclaim his money, which he paid as bride price for Miss Millicent Sibanda of Nkulumane.

The go-between, Mr James Phiri, confirmed that Mr Lunga wanted his money back after the family discovered that Millicent and her aunt Mrs Sibongile Ncube, who assumed the role of the parents, had allegedly accepted money from two other men.Mrs Ncube was acting as the parent as Millicent’s father died while her mother remarried.

“We want our 3 000 rand back because they were not sincere with us. They did not come clean with us and we found out on our own that Millicent was taken. Of course she claims that she broke up with those two men but why did she not tell us the truth. She should have told her boyfriend about the skeletons in her closet. I cannot make a decision for Innocent and I cannot tell him to give her a chance because he has decided that he wants out of the relationship,’’ said a fuming Mr Phiri.

Mr Lunga said he was heartbroken and very disappointed.

“I loved her with all my mind, with all my soul and heart. How could she do this to me, what did I do to deserve this? I mean she seemed a good girl but all along she has been two-timing me. As much as I love her, I cannot live with a wife who is not honest and worse a cheat. So I am not going back to her I want out of the relationship and I want my money,’’ said a visibly troubled Mr Lunga.

According to neighbours, Mr Lunga was not the only one who had paid lobola for Millicent.A neighbour revealed that Miss Sibanda always received phone calls from her South African boyfriend at her house, as she does not have a phone herself.Speaking on condition of anonymity, the neighbour said: “Millicent is still attached to her South African boyfriend and I overheard her telling him that as soon as her passport is processed she would be leaving for Johannesburg.

“To add on to that she was once married to a Harare man in 2007, I do not know why she returned. I do not know what is in her. I did not ask her much because some questions are better left unanswered. I have said enough I do not want to be on bad terms with my neighbour.’’

Another neighbour also claimed that over the past two year three men had offered to marry Miss Sibanda.

“Millicent has three men who have paid for her various amounts as part of lobola in a space of two years. But we understand that she is in love with a South African man. These other two are being used to keep body and soul together. They won’t realise what hit them until Millie goes to South Africa,’’ said a woman who identified herself as naThembi.

However, the aunt Mrs Ncube pleaded with Mr Phiri (the mediator) to make Mr Lunga understand that her niece loves him and wants to get married to him.

“My niece wants to get married to one man and that man is Mr Lunga. Yes I admit that Millie once lived in Harare with Prince Washaya (her previous boyfriend) but he did not marry her. Andrew Mhlanga (the South African boyfriend) wanted to go with her to South Africa without paying anything and I refused. As I speak they are no longer going out. Innocent is the only man who paid the bride price unfortunately he heard the rumours that are being spread by a clique of women who have a grudge against us.

"My niece is a good woman who goes to church and I don’t know what people have against her. She has the luck of being in love with well to do good men and I suspect that does not go down well with many women in Nkulumane, who are jealous of her," said Mrs Ncube.

Miss Sibanda said that people are spreading lies about her because they wrongly conclude that her South African based ex-boyfriend paid lobola.

"Last year my former boyfriend proposed to marry me and we celebrated by having an engagement party. From then on people assumed that I was taken and all kinds of stories about the amount of the bride price circulated around the suburb. He then went to South Africa without paying lobola. I broke with him when I realised that he was not being serious," explained Miss Sibanda.

She also revealed that she had a new boyfriend the same year who she eloped with for two months in Harare, but they broke up after she discovered that he was a married man.

"None of my former boyfriends actually paid lobola, only Innocent paid lobola but he now wants his money back because people lied to him that my two ex boyfriends had paid lobola but were not compensated when we broke up. All this is utter rubbish and I am going to sue all the people who are spreading malicious rumours about me," she said.