Leeds train conductor sexually assaulted boy on train

Married train conductor sexually assaulted a 17-year-old passenger on a service from Leeds.Northern Rail conductor Ian Wilce, 49, right, twice assaulted the boy on an early morning train between Leeds Station and Guiseley.

Granny 72 having a baby with her grandson

A grandmother has shocked her friends and family after revealing she is having a baby with her own grandson.

Diseased chipmunks could invade UK

Britain is set for an invasion by thousands of diseased chipmunks coming from France, experts have warned.

Zuma told 20th child harms safe sex drive

South African opposition parties accused President Jacob Zuma on Monday of a cavalier attitude to safe sex that is hurting the HIV/AIDS campaign after news that a woman not one of his wives had had his 20th child.

Tiger Woods paid 19th mistress £300 000 for silence

Tiger Woods paid HALF A MILLION dollars - around £300,000 - to buy the silence of a blonde British mum who has been his secret mistress for 18 months.

Ex convicted criminal RnB singer Akon coming to Zimbabwe

Organisers of the Akon Live in Concert are talking with Zimbabwean Immigration Department to ensure that the artiste’s show scheduled for September 4 proceeds without hitches.

UK envoy quits after sex video surfaces on Russia website

British diplomat in Russia has resigned after allegedly being filmed having sex with two prostitutes, in a classic sting operation apparently masterminded by the country's security services.

Porn star seventh woman linked to Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods' other New York girl spent the day holed up in her plush Chelsea pad Sunday after she was outed by the Daily News.Cori Rist is now one of at least six women linked to the golf world's top swordsman.

Shame of US President Obama aunt asylum files

An aunt of President Barack Obama was allowed to stay in the United States on the shocking grounds that she would be persecuted by Kenyan leaders if she was forced to return to the country.

UN report condemns Botswana's treatment of Bushmen

Report demands ‘urgent’ action by government over water.The UN’s top official on indigenous rights has condemned Botswana’s continued persecution of the Bushmen in a new report.