Rainbow nation, where art thou?

The reality of the ‘rainbow nation’ that nobody ever talks about now is that xenophobic attacks have been on the increase.

A translation of the fragments of human bodies in war

What is this that is surfacing from kitchen table wisdom, mass graves, body farms, Hitler, Rwanda, genocide, mysterious gases, sulphur, explosive devices, atomic bombs, evil scientists, white masks and innocent civilians abandoned or murdered?

Open letter to MDC on gay rights

Open letter to the MDC.RE: Prime Minister Tsvangirai’s comments in The Herald, March 26, 2010

Suspected Zimbabwe Internet Scam Chaired by Barbara Nyagomo-Mambo hits Facebook

DEAR EDITOR I have been reading your news for quite sometime now and of great interest was the GCNW story in which you investigated a lot of issues that exposed the reality of what was going on.

The corrupt role of NGOs, donors and civil society in the Zimbabwean crisis

The corrupt role of NGOs, donors and Civil Society in the Zimbabwean Crisis (Trading The Soul of The Change Movement for Pieces of Silver)

Black men look for more docile partners?

The furore around Tiger Woods has attracted a lot of media attention but also brought to the fore race relations. Many Afro-American girls are arguing that Tiger Woods is reaping where he sowed, he kinda “disowned” black girls and now is the turn to taste his medicine.

Is Mugabe and ZANUPF behind the GCN vs Oxfam saga?

On Friday, 06 November 2009 the editor of an online paper Zimdiaspora published an article titled MUGABE PLOT TO ELIMINATE BETTY MAKONI TURNS UGLY. After reading this article GIRL CHILD FOUNDER WANTED FOR FINANCIAL IRREGULARITIES on the internet I have ended up with more questions than answers.

Zimbabwe constitution should respect gays and lesbians right to be heard

Firstly I would like to thank Norway for awarding the Freedom of Expression award to Nina Karin Monsen. Nina Karin Monsen was awarded the FOE award for her "reflective and independent contribution to a freer public debate".

Canada refugee decision racist – ANC

The ruling ANC on Tuesday condemned a Canadian decision to give a white South African refugee status from the crime-ridden country, rejecting it as "racist", "sensationalist" and "alarming".

Public officials should declare their assets

Robert Mugabe's Zanu PF government in the 1980s developed and adopted a leadership code under which leaders were to declare their wealth, and under which their acquisition of further wealth would be publicly scritinised.