Only in America! Vietnam-Zimbabwe, Happy Thanksgiving

I had a fantastic encounter today! My manicurist whom I have known as Jimmy for a whole year became known to me today as Yung Wei from Vietnam. I had not seen him for some weeks and that is because I was too busy to get pampered in a spa. However, since the holidays are round the corner I decided to get spruced up in preparation for the festivities.

The year 1979, the move to Killarney and our interesting neighbors

I was 7 years old in 1979 and I have distinct memories of our transition from Luveve, the all black the high density suburbs to Killarney, an all White suburb at the time. I recall a conversation my father had with our neighbor in Luveve, Budhi Dickson- brother Dickson. “Varungu are selling houses like loaves of fresh, hot Lobel’s...

My love affair with all things Nigerian

In 1992, when I arrived in Glasgow, Scotland, I registered for my classes at the University of Glasgow and was made aware of the African/ Caribbean Students Union. They had a representative at the registrar’s office, who was handing out fliers announcing a welcome party for all new international students. The party would be held in a fortnight and...

The absurdity of school rules at the dominican convent and the tacit tension between enforcers and their wards

Imagine if you will, a prison yard. Its perimeter is defined by a high fence with a small gate. Within the fence are men, dressed on an orange prison uniform. As the sun beats down on their shaved heads, they engage themselves in different activities.

Barbara the beligerent bandit- A nun???

From the age of about 14-18, I wanted to be a nun. Yes, a reverend sister totally devoted mind body and spirit to God. I know it sounds crazy but allow me to transport you back to that era of my existence and fill in the answers to the many questions I have been asked about this. The first...

Barbara’s first marathon- Chicago 10-10-10 -Pre race- a petit preamble

This whole running thing has always been a part of my life. I ran at school all the way from first grade to sixth form. We competed in inter house and interschool sports. I ran and won certificates. I ran relays and jumped hurdles. I ran sprints and longer 800-1000m races.When I left home in 1990, I ran some...

Living with a father who suffers from bipolar

My father gives a unique, relevant and compelling voice to the invisible voice that prevails when it comes to the invisible thread of mood disorders.

Disgruntled ZIMTA Chief, Sifiso Ndlovu up in arms with woman writer, BritaVoice

Disgruntled ZIMTA Chief, Sifiso Ndlovu up in arms with the Zimbabwean woman writer, as BritaVoice responds to Sifiso Ndlovu.

Fighting against the stigma of mental illness

The trend in today’s society is that silence, shame, stigma, ignorance still exists around the burning, global issues of mental health. It is imperative that all of us fight against the silence and fight for the dignity for sufferers of mental illness.

Who is funding the Zanu pf backed ZIMTA?

Zimbabwe Teachers Association is the country's largest representative body for teachers. But, the painful reality is that it is Zanu pf backed.