Wikileaks- People get the leaders they deserve

The wikileaks documents, which have caused a media furor, with anyone who can string words together writing some sort of commentary about it, have caused another kind of frenzy. In the documents, the former U.S. Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Christopher Dell is quoted as saying, “PRIME MINISTER Morgan Tsvangirai is a weak leader who cannot be relied upon to lead...

The absurdity of school rules at the dominican convent and the tacit tension between enforcers and their wards

Imagine if you will, a prison yard. Its perimeter is defined by a high fence with a small gate. Within the fence are men, dressed on an orange prison uniform. As the sun beats down on their shaved heads, they engage themselves in different activities.

Canada refugee decision racist – ANC

The ruling ANC on Tuesday condemned a Canadian decision to give a white South African refugee status from the crime-ridden country, rejecting it as "racist", "sensationalist" and "alarming".

Why Nehanda Radio editor Fortune Tazvida is targeting me – Issue dates back to 19/12/2008

I was not surprised to read on Nehanda radio an article written by Masimba Musodza who is Barbara Nyagomo’s spokesman for One Million Zimbabwe Voices,whose topic was 'Viomak - The Rastafarian Empire Strikes Back'.Fortune Tazvida the Chief editor of Nehanda radio online paper used the opportunity to pursue his long standing political agenda against me and he changed the...

Negative people and you

Let us get very personal today as we discuss the issue of negative people and how you deal with them.Firstly,it is incumbent on us to declare from the onset that we will always have the negative around us. At this time we live in there is so much negativity.

General assaults MDC-T Minister of Information

Nelson Chamisa, the MDC-T Minister of Information Communication Technology, was apparently held by the collar and shaken by a General in the Zimbabwe Defence Forces during the visit by Koreans to the country a while back.

The false unity in Zimbabwe

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai of Zimbabwe, who visited President Obama yesterday, needs all the American support he can get.

Fighting against the stigma of mental illness

The trend in today’s society is that silence, shame, stigma, ignorance still exists around the burning, global issues of mental health. It is imperative that all of us fight against the silence and fight for the dignity for sufferers of mental illness.

MDC ministers want Bantustans created in Zimbabwe

The MDC is proposing setting up little countries within Zimbabwe, each with a budget and local parliament of its own.They are calling them five regional governments, each with their own prime minister, cabinet ministers and a parliament”.

Zimbabwe's 'Transition'

A power-sharing deal aimed at restoring democracy has mostly shored up strongman Robert Mugabe.