China urges West to lift sanctions against Zimbabwe

Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi on Friday called on the West to lift sanctions they imposed on Zimbabwe while Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe applauded the Asian giant for its continued political and economic support.

Zimbabwe bans import of vehicles more than five years old and left-handers

Harare - Zimbabwe has announced a ban on imports of second hand vehicles more than five years old with effect from March next year in a move likely to hurt a booming market for used cars.

ZUPCO finally succumbs to years of Zanu PF plunder

The Zimbabwe United Passenger Company has finally succumbed to years of Zanu PF abuse carrying party faithful to political rallies and forced to ply less profitable rural routes to appease rural voters.However, the once vibrant bus company has the nightmare of raising over US$2 million in exit packages for the affected workers.Zupco approached Government seeking permission to retrench the...

Predators stalk Zimbabwe firms

While Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai was wooing investors in South Africa a group of black Zimbabwean businessmen was staking out white-owned companies with the intention of taking ownership.

India purchases 83 percent of Zimbabwe diamonds

Indian buyers snapped up about 83 percent of diamonds from Zimbabwe's controversial Marange mines that were auctioned in Harare last week, according to reports from the Asian country.

McDonald's to open restaurants in Zimbabwe

US-based fast food giant McDonald's has cast its sights on Zimbabwe, 11 years after its initial plan to start restaurants in the country failed due to an unprecedented economic and political crisis.

New Dawn reports US$3.55 million in gold sales

New Dawn Mining Corp. (TSX: ND) reported that New Dawn's Turk Mine in Zimbabwe produced 3,243 ounces of gold or 100.9 kg's for the quarter ended June 30, 2010, as compared to 3,395 ounces of gold or 105.6 kg's for the quarter ended March 31, 2010.

Zimbabweans washing dirty U.S. dollars

The washing machine cycle takes about 45 minutes — and George Washington comes out much cleaner in the Zimbabwe-style laundering of dirty money.

Zimbabwe debt will increase to US$9 billion

Zimbabwe external debt, which phenomenally surged to US$7,1 billion in 2009, will shoot by eight percent to US$7,6 billion while the local debt will increase to US$1 billion by the end of 2010, statistics from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) showed last week.