Gentlepeople, I was missing in action for the reasons you might be privy to. I was very busy with these elections that have exposed us. Although I at times dislike what our party heavy weights do, l was nevertheless pained to be thrashed like this. The problem is that the presidium does not listen. Our intelligence unit had advised that we were going to lose and had suggested that we boycott the elections. Now it does not help anyone to complain about the flawed electoral process in which we have already participated. Although we enjoy a cordial relationship with Obasanjo, he also found it difficult to buy our argument. Gen Obasanjo is being pressured by EU to discredit the elections. If this succeeds, then we might get a space in another inclusive government. After all ZANU PF did that in 2008. By the way President Tsvangirai asked General Obasanjo to facilitate for him a meeting with President Mugabe but the later said he can only meet President Tsvangirai in the presence of Gen Obasanjo. Our first lady is also reported to have walked away from the matrimonial home to an unknown destination. Honestly how can you desert your husband at this hour of need? If this is anything to go by, then she is not a first lady material.

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