MaZANU can you confirm for us please tanzwa nekunyeperwa pano paHarvest. Hanzi naDouglas Mwonzora President Tsvangirai is to be appointed vice president and 7 other members of our party are going to be appointed cabinet ministers. uuuuuh iyi ndangoti inodawo MaZANU kuti vazvipindurire vega. If thats what you are planning Cdes, munenge maita hutsinye hwekuda kutsemura party yedu. Already the winning candidates are accusing Mr Tsvangirai of secretely negotiating a deal with ZANU so that he and his 7cronies are accommodated in the new government.The rank and file in the party are not happy with Mr Tsvangirai’s alleged hypocricy yekuti he is publicly telling those who won not to join parly at the same time he is negotiating a deal behind the scene for his own benefit. MaZANU help us here. I tried to confirm with one politiburo member akanditi president wenyu is the one who is begging to be accommodated and he said l can get full details from Mai Mujuru. So kana pane anechivindi ngaabate Mai Mujuru tizive patimire. Dont ever say Mafirakureva haana kureva.

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