MDC-T intolerant thug INDODHA SIBILI opens fake FB account to harrass me.


The MDC-T intolerant thug INDODHA SIBILI openened the  fake FB account to harrass me for forming an opposition party too and called me a ZANUPF CIO.

I made him very angry because of late I have also  been despising why GNU leaders ( MDC-T included) buy luxury cars when masses are suffering.This is what MDC also used to complain about when ZANUPF spent miilions on luxuries when citizens are starving .I posted on my wall and I even posted such views on MDC-T leader Obert Guru’s wall and this was accompanied by my song 6na9 which states that the difference between ZANUPF and MDC is the same.Their love for riches when masses have no basic needs is very pronounced now.

As he went went on and on the MDC intolerant rascal even said I am a ZANUPF CIO because I despised MDC-T.It’s so sad that political intolerance continues to cause havoc on the ground and on the internet.Indodha went on to post messages such as the omes below on my wall,clearly showing his anger. He has the nerve to ask me why I am defending human rights and who sent me because to him it is only MDC-T supporters who should be activists.

Indodha Sibili I hope guys since all of you do not support Zanu or mdc you ar joining or working towards forming some other parties to challenge then. If not so, surely be serious. Ini hama ndinosupporter MDC YaVaTsvangirai, ko imi vamwe muripapi. Vamwe murikuda kudiluta or neutralise an outright victory 4 th Mdc T. However, wat i tel u is that muchaita maronda nemapundu pamoyo coz ichatorwa chete zim neMDC T. Most of you my political cousins, u belong to a small “clique of political intellectuals” who failed to accept reality in 2005 wen th mdc broke into mdc m and t. Plz come home to roost, the majority in zim is behind Save 4 positive change . Lizokunya. Zingakhehli noma sezehlile vaTsvangirai yiyona indoda sibili at th moment. Ndatenda


Indodha Sibili Indodha Sibili irume risingatyiswe netumacio tunonyeba. Munhu weZANU can only be seen by their tolerance 4 dissent voices, however, the winds of change ar unstopable 4 the driver is the people. Wakatumwa nani kuti urwire kodzero dzevanhu? Isu party yedu yakatumwa nevanhu saka usatambise nguva. Dai uri umwe waramba uchinyeba kuti unorwira kodzero dzavanhu until Takutungamira.


Indodha Sibili

Vanhu veZanu ndakubatayi, kuda kunyepera vanhu muchizviti human rights/ freedom of speech fighters zvenhando. TumaCIO twakafunda ku Guyu desguising as intellectuals. Shame ön u. Mdc haityi nokuti yakasarudzwa nevanhu iyo ndivo vanhu vacho.


Indodha Sibili Wen we beat them at the marketplace of ideas their hearts bleed as they knw that political death is ny. I would like to inform u Mwana wevhu is that even ini, wen am told the truth pamwe pacho zvinorwadza. Ichi chimwe chokwadi sisi, muri munhu weZanu pf, asi haisi mhosva hayo, asika budirai hama pachena. You ar a threat to democracy neniwo handidi hushamwari hwakadayi. Cheers. They dont call me Indodha Sibili for nothing. Tichasanganiswa zvekare

Indodha Sibili Ko Zimdele leadership structure yakamira seiko sista. Musatye sista i blive in multi party democracy.

Indodha Sibili Indodha Sibili is an unknown follower of the Mdc T. His crime is asking self acclaimed human rights defender to outline human rights abuses commited by th Mdc T? And why her arc enemy is the mdc T which also fights 4 a democratic Zim. Surely, 4 al who ar 4 free speech and democracy its no time to fight Tsvangson but non democratic forces. I later on told her kuti mapolitical zhing zhong haachatengwa nemapolitical customers ayo angwara. Ndazomutuma kunotamba nana Matapo naDzinemunhenzva. Ndatenda .