MDC -T intolerant abusive terrorist Madzibaba Isaiah Ruhinga harassing and silencing me


Today I am naming and shaming a very unique one who claims to be a Christian .His name Madzibaba Isaiah Elisha Ruhinga associates himself with the church of the Apostoles

This vulgar and evil terrorist has been terrorisng me for a very long time and up to now I don’t know what wrong I did to him except that he doesn’t want me to speak out against the wrongs that Zimbabwe leaders do.

His facebook profiles says he suppports MDC-Tand si written on political views,

  • MDC-T

    Ipapo pahasha paruwoko

If he supports MDC-T as on his facebook profile then all I can say is Zimbabwe is cursed.This is a person who is supposed to behave better than a zanupf supporter since he is always blaming them for being terrorists who terrorise those with different political but dear Lord he is worse than some of them .The abusive thug certainly hates my work and my views .I am sure he was also angered by a status that I also put on my facebook wall saying I don’t support MDC or ZANU PF but I support Human Rights .

Married to Rumbidzai Ruhinga the MDC-T abusive terrorist leaves no stone unturned on my wall as he goes on his unprovoked vulgar errands. It’s quite shocking because as far as I know not supporting a political party should not be a crime or a sin,but who do I tell that ?The abusive man seems to be mentally sick too.

Below are some of the abusive comments he posted on my wall today .