ZANUPF terrorist Comrade Josiah Tongogara aka NDINI INI MAPOWERZ changes name to Comrade Viomak Zimbabwe


This is how low my haters can go .They of course want to silence me and they are of course failing so they resort to all weird and very ineffective tactics.The thug who has been terrorsing me for the past week has changed profile pictures from cartoons to devils and then to thisone of a manis shades.i don’t know whether it’s him or not but these many fake profiles that are created to silence me come in various forms.

The thugs are so foolish and evil and have resorted to using facebook to fight their wars even though they are breaking facebook community standards.

Below is the fake profile .The person is obviously someone known to my work and it could be one witchy woman Buhle Dlamini who hates me for refusing to be admin of a facebook group she opened.

Comrade Josiah Tongogara aka Comrade Viomak Zimbabwe

 Lives in Harare, Zimbabwe From Harare, Zimbabwe Born on January 20, 1975


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    Zimbabwe african national liberation army

Favorite Quotations I have a dream that one day the oppressor will be defeated

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Sex Female

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  • +27 769185535  Mobile


His NDINI INI MAPOWERZ  profile below

Ndini Ini Mapowerz

 Lives in Nairobi, Kenya It’s complicated From Kuyanga, Sulawesi Utara, Indonesia Born on February 24, 1924


Religious Views
  • Muslim

    Jihad اسلبس تغثقص لسالاىىلايل بقنغثلصضلاق حضعصالاقلفعسىسىرالاس عصبصثلقةصالاىۍض كتصعص اثۍغ

Political Views
  • Zanu PF

    Zimbabwe will never be a colony again. Viva Zanu!

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Relationship Status It’s complicated

Sex Male

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Facebook mapowerz