ZANUPF Sylvester Bradah Maunganidze accused of spreading HIV knowingly

ZANUPF Sylvester Bradah Maunganidze accused of spreading HIV knowingly


” Viomak, I know you have the audience and the courage. Can you help me publically embarass the Zanu Pf guy who infected my friend? we have proof…. please… because the guy just denied and walked off claiming that the results are false and these days Africans are being experimented on etc… just excuses instead of owning up!

Just to protect the victim, we will not give details of her name but the culprit who is spreading HIV is Dr. Sylvester Bradah Maunganidze. Former PS in Ministry of Tourism and he is now standing for Chivi South MP on a zanu pf ticket.That guy is positive and he is going around infecting young girls claiming that he is negative. Please embarass him so that young girls lives are saved. It is so embarassing that a senior public servant can spread HIV yet in public they pretend that this epidemic should be eliminated.

Please put it out in big letters. Please do not make it seem like we are the ones who have contacted you and you are reporting on our behalf. make it feel like you are aware and you are reporting on victims behalf. We contacted an American writer ……..(named withheld by Viomak) and she advised us to contact an agency and publicise his HIV status so that another innocent lady is not infected. We felt that you are the right person to put out this information to the public. Please tell zimbos not to vote for this irresponsible man.

Below is her email to us:……..(named withheld by Viomak)

Each of us should try to live the best life possible. I’ve always loved this quote from Abraham Lincoln: “When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad, and that’s my religion.” All of us should try to do good. None of us are perfect. But there are very bad people in the world who bring great harm to others. How someone can torture and kill another human being is beyond my understanding. What has happened is very tragic and I’m so sorry. Being infected with HIV is really really really upsetting and to think that the person who infected you was the person you loved with your whole heart. While I would not let it turn me against all of Africa, it would make me very aware of how difficult it is to trust some men. I hate to think that we will come to a point that everyone has to be tested after falling in love but prior to being intimate. Certainly, everyone should be warned at that he has HIV so that he does not infect another innocent woman. Please tell an agency there to contact him and let him know that there will be information about his health posted SOMEWHERE. I know in the USA now when someone infects another with HIV that person can be charged with a criminal act and receive a prison sentence. You could turn this around and start an organization that will help women in Africa…

 Thank you very much Viomak.