ZANUPF CIO Misheck Saopa shopping

ZANUPF CIO Misheck Saopa shopping


Can someone please pass this message to Winnet Murerwa (the daughter to ZANUPF Herbert Murerwa) who is supposed to wed womanising ZANUPF CIO Misheck Saopa.

Today Micheck went on a shopping spree with Sharmain .Sharmain is that lady I always talk about .The one who used to be Misheck’s girlfriend when he was training as a fake nurse in Mvuma.Now the problem is they bought a lot of expensive clothes and used Winnet ‘s credit card .The one they share.I guess Winnet is not aware of this development .

Winnet ,so you bought maternity dresses for Misheck’s currently pregnant girlfriends Akhona and Notando all because you are so desperate to be married to this abusive man ?I don’t think he is the marrying type.If you are really dreaming of a peaceful marriage I don’t think you have made the right decision .Thank you Nothando for refusing the maternity dress.Akhona, I think you really stooped very low when you accepted the maternity dress.

Anyway ,the decision to allow this womaniser to play chess on you is up to you.I wish you all the best including the other women I have not mentioned.