Women abuser Percy Mutizwa (Tessie Pajeko Indal's partner)says he can murder...

Women abuser Percy Mutizwa (Tessie Pajeko Indal's partner)says he can murder a woman by cutting


The status quoted below invited quite a number of comments from people and the comments posted below by one Percy Mutizwa broke my heart Job Wiwa Sikhala 6 hours ago via mobile When l was a Member of Parliament for St Mary’s l helped hundreds of people to secure asylum in the UK. Today l was surprised that after 8 years one of those people l assisted phoned me to tell me that he was about to be deported after he was convicted of some serious domestic violence with his wife and that he needs my assistance with the letter addressed to the Home Office telling them he should… not be deported because the political situation is tense. I am a christian and l am not a vindictive character. I will write his letter of request and this has reminded me what my ailing father used to tell all of us when we were growing up that “When the sun is shining don’t forget those who helped you to be where you are, because when rains comes you might fail to get shelter”   I had to write an inbox to Percy partner as on his facebook a message below, Dear Tessie how are you ?My name is Viomak.I am a Zimbabwean human rights defender and I came across some comments being made by your partner Percy Mutizwa on fcaebook.He is writing in vernacular language and saying he beats up women and cut them off (murder).I have written to let you know that I am pursuing this issue to protect the women he can murder as he is a potential murderer.Be safe Tessie. Below are his comments promoting the bashing of women . Percy Mutizwa – Mukadzi aka mera machenje tino cheka cheka, ano mamiswa kuto adzikame especially vakadzi vari kudiaspora vari kumera machende heavy taking tsika dzevarungu dzaka fumuka dzekuti muroora ano sura pamberi peva bereki vemurume bęse vobva vaseka they see it as good fun   26 minutes ago via mobile  · Like Percy Mutizwa Muka mera musve tinopa mbama mukadzi ziva tsika   24 minutes ago via mobile  · Like The above comments by Percy Mutizwa are very evil and are promotin g violence against women and he is saying if a woman doesn’t behave well he will beat her up and if she grows balls like a man he will cut off the balls.He is also saying if a woman grows a tail she should be beaten up. Women ,especially women in Africa continue to be abused by abusive men because they don’t take a strong stance against this abuse.Maybe it is because women are generally ‘weaker’ than men and some women who are specifically dealing with such women issues are sort of taking a weak stance against such abusers who usually start by talking and then act. Maybe it is because they are sort of ‘weak’ too. Some women don’t take a strong stance because they want to be called Mrs more than they want to live and thus die in the hands of such abusive men.Many other reasons are to blame and the blame falls on women’s shoulders. You don’t talk to a woman abuser as if you are talking to your two year old child . I was shocked by what I saw on Job Sikhala’s wall today.And did the women thank me for tackling the women abuser Percy?No.What about for dealing with what Job Sikhala said .No .I think vamwe vanga vachitoti ndinonyepera kuziya.That’s why women abuse continues to flourish in our society.It is because of how we women deal with it. As if this wasn’t enough Percy went on to inbox me the messages below after some weeks of silence and as I always say defending human rights is not like a walk in the park.It comes with a lot of abuse and harassment too because the moment you speak out you become an enemy of some people .This is an example of messages that can come to you after defending others’ rights .  From Percy Mutizwa “Put this one pawall pako its a good read-since unondida ngatingosvirana zvipere kkkkkkkk.For today, I say beche rine masadza raka dhamba.Pane vamwe vanhu mboko who are better left alone and im one of them neni uchatomama chete.”