UK based ZANUPF notorious CIO Alfreda Mapfumo-Tudor terrorising me on Facebook

UK based ZANUPF notorious CIO Alfreda Mapfumo-Tudor terrorising me on Facebook


One of the ZANUPF CIO’s and terrorists Alfreda Mapfumo-Tudor is lies on her profile that she is in USA ,Miami is actually enjoying life in the United Kingdom in Dartford as she also can’t stand living in Zimbabwe ,a country that has been destroyed by the man Mugabe who she supports.

The woman who is among some evil ZANUPF spies terrorising me on the internet and after my blood did not like the idea that I strongly speak and sing against Mugabe and ZANUPF’s evil regime that has seen opposing Zimbabweans tortured and murdered.

This evil woman is not even ashamed of writing on my wall that “The Honourable President R.G is a highly intelligent man” so I should not criticise him.

My question to her is if Mugabe is so good what is this evil witch most likely married to a British Tudor,doing in Britain.Why can’t she live in Zimbabwe and get married to Mugabe’s Green Bombers or Chipangano thugs?

A photo taken of her whilst relaxing in the sun somewhere that looks like a beach has a comment where she responded that she was in Miami USA when asked where she  was by a facebook friend.However ,after I exposed her she blocked me but the source (who refused to be named) who confirmed to me that Alfreda is a known  ZANUPF CIO and spy ,later confirmed to me that  her profile says  she lives in Aachen ,Germany .

Alfreda has chosen to join the list of ZANUPF cyber bullies and spies who work so hard to silence me and tormnet me for opposing ZANUPF and many of them visit my facebook wall to provoke and threaten me with aactions that include killing me and sending HIV positive ZANUPF thugs to rape me .

She then lied that she had come on my wall to give me advice.Advice on what.I didn’t even know her until she started terrorising me on my wall and then the source told me that she is a ZANUPF CIO too after seeing her harassing and bullying me on my wall.Now she want to play victim.They all do that when exposed.They also rush to report to the police that I am bullying them to cover up their evilness.

I have copied and pasted some of the unprovoked and abusive messages she posted on my wall and other facebook walls about me .It is funny she is lying to people that she visited my wall give me advice and  what advice does this ZANUPF strange woman give me.These comments she posted on a ZANUPF supporter’s wall Abednico Nkomo.The other men who posted too,Leornard Koni and Lloyd Madzinga are well known ZANUPF thugs.I wonder what is in common amongst them as they take turns to abuse me and ask each othe sarcastic questions about me.This they discussed on the 11th of January 2012.


  • Alfreda Mapfumo-Tudor Vio anenge achiimba kuti kudii ko? Handisati ndanzwa nziyo dzake. Mukadzi uya idhunyazi chaiyo anotoda psych assessment. Ndinotoshamisika vanhu vachimupesva iyo dhunyazi iyo yo.( What will be Vio singing about.I haven’t heard her songs.That woman is a lunatic.She needs a psych assessment.I am surprised there are people who support her,supporting that sascam)

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  • Leonard Koni Mharapatsetse yomunhu (She’s a rascal)

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  • Lloyd Madzinga Anomboimba kt chiiko murwere uyu (What does this patient sing about?)

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  • Leonard Koni Imboko (She’s a rascal)

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  • Alfreda Mapfumo-Tudor Neni ndirikuzvishayawo kuti Imbwa iyi inoimbei? (Me too I can’t figure out what this dog sings about)
  • Lloyd Madzinga Kane mwando wena bt dnt mind her shz mentally challenged.


January the 8th ,2012 is the first time I saw this ZANUPF terrorist Alfreda commenting on my wall.She commented on an image moving grave that I posted about Robert Mugabe. Her first comment was accusing me of a being someone who needs some help.That’s whatthye all do.They start by posting degrading and provocative comments.The following ones were of the nature  and I kept on wondering if this is the advice she said she had come to give me.When did harassment and terrorism and intimidation become advice.You can’t just visit a person’s wall and accuse them of needing help and convince me that you came in good faith. 

  • Alfreda Mapfumo-Tudor Viomak I was beginning to the think that you are a Human Rights defender but after seeing this pic I seriously think you need some help. Thats sickening galfriend do something different if you are an attention seeker……..January 8 at 9:02am ·


  • Alfreda Mapfumo-Tudor Viomak chokwadi chinorwadzaka?I take it that vile attack was aimed at me… Just chill galfriend cos I ain’t gonna stoop that low and exchange horrible words with you. I was definately right about one thing you need some help you have got so much anger in you, you are blaming the world around you for your unhappiness. Look yourself in the mirror and find the real you galfriend. As for my day job or my ugly face I am sure its none of your business, its off topic we are talking about humanity not a beauty contest galfriend get to the point.Monday at 9:24am ·  
  • Alfreda Mapfumo-Tudor Viomak I am glad about one thing I am a lady maybe you can learn one or two things from galfriend……

    Monday at 9:31am ·
  • Alfreda Mapfumo-Tudor Viomak Thank you for finally mentioning my name on your space. I am going to sue you for Cyber bullying expect the police at you you door. You better delete this rubbish or you go to jail galfriend. If you keep this rubbish in another 2mins I swear to God you will be in serious trouble….Monday at 7:16pm
  • Alfreda Mapfumo-Tudor Viomak I repeat can you remove this stupid text cos I know we’re you are and I am serously going to report you. Monday at 7:25pm ·
  • Alfreda Mapfumo-Tudor Viomak Wambenge uchitaura yechipfambi zvino wanyaraka kuti tine muchato. Rega tikufundise kugeza shamwari. Motibvisirawo tumhete tweku market twauno pfeka utwo. Iwe ndiwe pfambi unongedza vakadzi ve vanhu. At least ndinaye murume iwe wako aripi? Kunaka unokuziva iwe. Unodza beauty queen kuti kunyangara haunyari. Ndauya pawall pako ndikati uri pfambi kana kuti Ndati yusaisa ma sickening pics evanhu. Haudi kuudzwa chokwadi. Are you God how decide people’s destiny? Iri yekunaka galfriend taura imwe cos taitowina ma beauty contest. I wouldn’t want to talk about your figure cos you are God’s creation Asi sezvo usingagone kutaura tongikuudzaiwo kuti figure yenyu inenge mudhuri you better visit the gym. Ko iyo konje yaunoisa mumusora Brazilian maityeiko. I would like to teach you to be a lady plus to teach style and plus give you tips so that you get married. You should come to my church for a prayer maybe your anger will turn to happiness. God bless you. Mrs TudorTuesday at 6:32am ·

As she went on with her abusive rantings she finally left a comment praising Robert Mugabe.This therefore means she came to my wall to provoke, silence and victimise me because I sing against the president she supports and spies for despite the fact that Mugabe is murdering and starving Zimbabweans of a good life.She directed the comment to one Rugbwe Rumwe a ZANUPF terrorist who also harasses and terrorises me on my wall .He opened a fake facebook account to harass me and remain anonymous so that he won’t be traceable by normal means .

  • Alfreda Mapfumo-Tudor  Rubgwe Rumwe I think you are just wasting your time with these people the behaviour is soo out of order. The education which there are claiming to have, I think maybe they bought the qualifications. Cn you imagine people putting somebody’s foto on FB and say he is a spy. The Honourable President R.G is a highly intelligent man and if he were to appoint spies he will appoint intelligent pple not the ones which Vio and her gang cn spot. It clearly shows what we are dealing with here a bunch of pple who are not serious about there country but who are only interested in pleasing the long discarded master and earn a bit of cash.
The terror then ended after she blocked me when she noticed that I had exposed her.Now she has taken the intimidation to other people’s walls where she is cursing me.That is giving me advice to her. Typical ZANUPF internet terrorists’ and CIO’s behaviour.After they terrorise you they run away and visit the nearest police station to report that I bullied them and yet they come to my wall to harass and abuse me.She got the exposure that she asked for.i will not suffer in silence as ZANUPFCIO’s and terrorists like her harass ,torment and intimidate me on a daily basis.