Prostitute Emily Tinevimbo Julius confused about who fathered her child

Prostitute Emily Tinevimbo Julius confused about who fathered her child


In a hide and seek style , a prostitute who operates between Bindura and Harare is confused about who fathered the child she is carrying and has gone on a wild goose chase targeting some of the men she slept with.

When Emily realised that she was pregnant ,she approached Maxwell Taru ,who denied the pregnancy despite the fact that he was almost her live in husband .Apparently Maxwell Taru is also sleeping with Emily’s young sister .

In the midst of her confusion Emily approached Cephas Muzondiwa and she only spent two nights at his place after he denied responsibility .This is despite the fact that Emily used to stay at Cephas’s place nearly every weekend whenever she went to Harare.

After Cephas denied responsibility ,Emily approached Lawrence Kabaya,telling him that she was carrying his child. Fortunately and unfortunately Lawrence accepted responsibility .Lawrence is now living in Australia with his wife and he used to sex Emily behind his wife’s back.At one time Emily used to work as Lawrence’s housemaid in Botswana after which they had an illicit sex affair .Meanwhile Emily is bragging to her friends and relatives that her child’s father is in Australia ,unbeknown to Lawrence that Emily played her tummy chess on other men .

Now the problem is Lawrence’s sister Linnet Kabaya who is in Zimbabwe is helping to look after Emily and guess what? Lawrence’s wife in Australia has no idea that there is some unholy chess being played behind her back.

” Ikozvino Lawrence uyu ane mukadzi and akugara kuAustralia asi akatoudzwa akabvuma asingazivi kuti Emily ihure remakoko semunhu waaihura naye kana mukadzi wake asipo. Izvozvi ari kufamba achiudza vanhu kuti baba vemwana wangu vari kuAustralia apo murume wemunhu anotova nemukadzi. Hanzvadzi yaLawrence uyu anonzi Linnet ndiye ari kutoita basa rekuchengeta hure rehanzvadzi yake kuno apa achinyepera kufarira muroora ari Australia naiko kuda kudya tunonaka “, said a source.

The fourth man who Emily approached with the pregnancy is Donald, also a Botswana based Zimbabwean. Donald has no idea that Emily was cheating on her .He is very pleased that Emily is carrying his child,and he gives Emily money for her upkeep ,only for Emily to use some of the money to visit her newly acquired aunt Linnet ,Lawrence’s sister.

Emily advertises her services on 0779460610 Zimbabwe.