Plea from UK woman looking for stealing and baby dumping housemaid Moreblessing...

Plea from UK woman looking for stealing and baby dumping housemaid Moreblessing Tandi-Machingauta


This is so heartbreaking .Zimbabweans can we please join hands and make efforts to locate Moreblessing Tandi-Machingauta who stole from a Zimbabwean lady in UK .After stealing from her she left the lady’s one year old ‘s son alone in the house after which neighbours heard the baby crying and phoned Social Services who took the son.If you know where she is please let me know here or on 447523 844 361. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Mai Dee wherever you are nyoka yekubereka unoiziya please get in touch with the lady BC ,you have her details or with me on 447523 844 361.Please feel for another woman .She has to get her baby from Social Services and she needs you to prove that you were left with the baby at home otherwise Social services is saying the lady left the baby alone at home.I’m sure you don’t want your story to be all over the internet so please do the right thing .
The lady’s plea

Please share: Pane mukadzi anonzi Moreblessing Tandi -Machingauta kana kuti amai Dee. She is Zimbabwean and is in UK illegally. She has connections in London, Slough, Sheffield and Darby. In Zimbabwe, her family lives in unit K chitungwiza and here in UK she is of no fixed aboard as she does live in jobs from one family to another usually Zimbabwean families. She is hard working however i mbavha uye anonyepa. She goes around working in people’s houses pretending to be nice so that she can get close to your belongs. She will then take your stuff and disappear without you knowing.

I was referred to her by my sister in law whom she went to school with and also worked with her husband at Air Zimbabwe. I took her on so she can look after my son who is now one year old. After staying with us for three months,one day when we had gone to work, I was called by social services who had been alerted by a neighbour who heard the baby crying in the house. We am still trying to get our baby back as it is because of this woman. She has completely vanished and I need her to give evidence to social services. They are not believing that we had left the baby with someone as there is no witness to my story and no trace of her in the house. She is the only person who can confirm our story. She had taken all her personal belongings including all my jewellery and other things which I found out when I got home. As we speak our son is in care. I am appealing to anyone who knows her to ask her to contact me. She knows where I live and also has all my contact details. Please mhuri ye Zimbabwe help me by passing this message on. I am so stressed and in pain. She does not have papers and is in UK illegally. Please protect your loved one and fellow Zimbabweans.