MDC T thugs Persuade Jena,Sidney Mukono,Buhle Dlamini terrorising me for not supporting...

MDC T thugs Persuade Jena,Sidney Mukono,Buhle Dlamini terrorising me for not supporting MDC T


Human rights defenders like myself who defend human rights and not human beings suffer the consequences and are always at the fore front of being terrorised by thugs and hooligans of these political parties.

To note is one MDC T abusive hooligan and alleged ZANUPF agent a Buhle Dlamini who since last week has taken it upon herself to torment me for not supporting MDC T.The witchy woman who is said to be spying for ZANUPF whilst masquerading as an MDCT supporter has gone to lengths to silence and intimidate me using silly and ineffective tactics that many other intolerant thugs have used on human rights defenders and all those who oppose their parties.

The rowdy lunatic Buhle has blamed me for creating spoiled votes and writing to one Graham Mann saying, ” That’s the gospel Graham. Viomak is just deflecting our efforts and neutralising our call to unseat the tyranny. She is fighting on many battlefields busy creating SPOILED Papers.”   

Little did I know that the witchy woman Buhle is a ZANUPF agent when in 2009 I allowed her to befriend me on facebook and as she followed my threads she Buhle Dlamini commented on my video called Supreme leader saying ” I like this. u are amazing sista.Keep it up.We may not survive to see the outcomes bt i tell u, your efforts are so inspirational August 4, 2011 at 5:47pm ” .Then I suddenly became her enemy. Shame .This is the inconsistence and madness that has seen many Zimbabweans masquerading as political activists when they are political thugs..That’s why I refuse to be associated with them spies and lunatics who have infested facebook looking for fame and end up being famous for terrorising people who don’t support their political parties.

The other violent and abusive MDC T thug who has been terrorising me for the past two months is Persuade Jena.The intolerant thug has been visiting my wall to provoke me for not supporting MDCT.The thug proudly says he is pro-Buhle proving that they are both agents of evil.With this Zimbabwe is cursed.Political intolerance is further breaking a suffering society.To him those who represent Zimbabweans should be MDC-T supporters.He writes below maintaining his foolish stance.Buhle and the other intolerant MDCT thug Sidney Mukono who has been terrorising me since 2009 joined in.Sidney Mukono opened a fake facebook account to terrorise all those who oppose MDCT . 

Persuade Jena ‎4 starters,im i can be neutral..i have just 1 simple Question for u Viomak.who exactly do u represent,of coz u gonna say Zimboz,my nxt question is,Which Zimbabweans..coz my sister if u represent Zim’s Zimboz then u got it wrong from the start.U r a BATTLEFIELD my sis.and u also participate in yo own ring..we hav Real HUMAN RIGHTS DEFENDERS back home eg,JESTINA MUKOKO.and struggle musicians in the likes of Dread Reckless,insindiso yamanazareta,etc,.where do u fit in..all u do is posting this thug hates me,ths thug attacked me,ths thug apologised,nothing human rights about it.yo music is good bt it doesnt match yo personality.u r full of vulgar language wch is very typical 4 a human rights defender..i bet my last cent u gat no real supporters,they only lyk u wn u insult an opponent..i knw u gonna respond wth vulgar to my comment,never mind,it wont be th first tym..u once called me a thug(whch i regard as th worst insult)coz i questioned yo identity..noone really knws u.

Persuade Jena if ths Viomak person does exist then sum1 frm Mutare shld knw her/him.shz very gud at creating battlefields.sum pple who refuse to c 2 sides of a coin end up insulting each otha.all thoz who cn read ths pliz say’I REFUSE TO BE USED TO INSULT MY BROTHER/SISTER.thank u real people
Buhle Dlamini  Kikiki, desperate woman. Viomak, you are luzing the touch. Wat other things are you known for except your Ndaroyiwa, ndavengwa nonsense. Who are you to start with? You think you are prominent? Owk, there is you bank check bt to who should we address it? A ghost in making. Tommenting the souls of Zimbabwe. Rubbishing real efforts by real activists. The likes of Betty Makoni. So who should listen to your calls except the ring of your fake cohorts? You aint real gal. Self proclaimed HRD. Lol. I once gave you an imsight of the expected standards of a HRD. Your fowl language would have you cancelled from the RoHRDs if you were one, bt you aint.

Buhle Dlamini Kikiki, I hate you ego. You are yet to receive your own share. Will be your worst enemy. You think you can blind the world by forming a group to create a launchng platform? Ziffe is your Zidele staging forum. Mark my words. I will be closely watchng you. Bring it on like you did to Mhurai and others. Who hates you? For what? You just nuts and pathetic. An aspiring President for that matter. Who sponsors your websites? You create them? For what reason? I support all parties bt I don’t have anything to take from your party coz you vent your natural hate sickness.


Buhle Dlamini  Kikiki, Vio in a bid to make people believe you have suporters look how stupid you are getting.


Sidney Mukono Sis Buhle, mhai iyi dont waiste your time on her, she is a nobody so noone knows her, the real people of Zimbabwe tinovaziva, vahombe haikona tusvosve tunotsvaga shagi nedemo so

Sidney Mukono  Vahombe Tsvangirai, Biti, madam khupe,


Zvishoma Nezvishoma Mdc T smetmz ths viomak seem 2be a good person time tme yu c her aploadng sme pple 4tos sayng thugs zanupf thugs mdc thugs jst because thy visited her wall wht knd of human rights is tht fuck yu

Buhle Dlamini She been a longtime terorist

Buhle Dlamini  visit her website, viomaknews. this woman/man is retarded for sure. will be posting for you to see

Sidney Mukono Inoda rubatsiro mhai iyi.zvakadzvanya big time. ground is there kumusha, inga Tsvangs is there pabattle front.